Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
We had a good meeting Monday, with FAYCO and Vandalia Rehabilitation attending. We missed our Fayette County Hospital Long Term Care friends.
And on a more serious note, we REALLY missed Judy and Bob Varga, and Katy (in hospital) and Randy Schukar, plus we missed Jeannie Schlicht, who is with Wolf in the hospital in Springfield. As we shared our refreshments, we tried to catch up with  everyone’s happenings. Phyllis Rames put it this way  – trying to get everything back to normal! Lord, we are trying!
Our leader was Beulah Brown and our pianist was Bette Stolte. Bette opened with lovely, welcoming notes of good cheer and joy as the bus arrived. Beulah quickly got down to serious Bible business. She read from Isaiah 41:10, “Be not afraid, for I am your God. I strengthen you, I help you, and I support you with my victorious right hand.” This was such a fitting Bible verse for this meeting, and I will share more about that later.
The Rev. Joe Lawson arrived in the nick of time to give us some good words on spiritual rescue, which is what Jesus has done for us. Believing in him will give us spiritual life for eternity. As believers, we are adopted into his family, and have a personal life with God. He's the God who created the universe, the earth and sun, and you and me – everything! Through prayer and belief, it is personal – he is our God!
I got to share my vacation to the Grand Canyon and Lake Mead with everyone, showing  postcards and telling stories about walking/hiking, riding big beautiful buses and camping (of sorts). The mile-deep canyon in the Arizona desert is so huge that it was hard to take it all into my head, much less see it all. It must be experienced! And I recommend getting help from God to be strong and really enjoy it.  For more details on this highly recommended adventure, just give me a call. It can be experienced by everyone, young, old, strong, disabled or handicapped.  Regardless of who you are, you will realize the power of God and nature in the creation of the Grand Canyon and the walk called the Trail of Time, through more than 13 billion years. GREAT!
Beulah discussed what is coming up this summer, closer to home: the state fair in Springfield and band concerts at Greenville every Thursday in June at 7 p.m. She also recited her favorite Simple Simon poem,  and we tried to repeat it.  Brenda showed off another of her creations from yarn she has loomed and turned in to creatures like owls and other birds.
We did a little marching to "Onward Christian Soldiers." We must remember to keep our heart going forward with him. Beulah inspired a competition of walking with a book balanced on your head, and made a relay out of it.
We sang a few final words,  and everyone caught the bus home. But that wasn’t really the end of things – Phyllis Rames had a BIG SURPRISE for everyone. A strawberry parade! And so, as everyone left, they could pick up a quart of strawberries to take home. What a sweet present for everyone!  
The pinochle table was going strong, with Richard Kruenegel and Mary Woolsey winning over Joyce Mueller and Marie Sutton in both games. Everyone seemed to enjoy it!
Next week, we will be at Long Term Care. We hope to see you there.

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