Vandalia, Patoka and Ramsey to play in summer-opening Vandal shootout

The first of four Vandal Shootouts will be held next Monday and Tuesday, and will feature three teams from the area.

Vandalia, Patoka and Ramsey will be in the 10-team field, and the shootout begins at 9 a.m. on Monday and 8 a.m. on Tuesday.

Other teams in the field are: Nashville, Heritage/Villa Grove, Edwards County, Breese Central, Mt. Carmel, Seneca and Decatur LSA.

Games will be played at Vandalia Community High School, Vandalia Junior High School and Vandalia Elementary School.

Following pool play, a tournament will be held at VCHS and VJHS, starting on Tuesday at about 11 a.m.

The second shootout will be held next Thursday and Friday, while the third will be on June 23-24 and the fourth on June 26-27.

Vandalia schedule
Monday, June 9
All games at VCHS
•9 a.m.: vs. Nashville
•10:30 a.m.: vs. Patoka
•12 p.m.: vs. Heritage/Villa Grove
•2 p.m.: vs. Edwards County
Tuesday, June 10
All games at VCHS
•8 a.m.: vs. Ramsey
•9:30 a.m.: vs. Seneca

Patoka schedule
Monday, June 9
•9 a.m.: vs. Heritage/Villa Grove (VJHS)
•10:30 a.m.: vs. Vandalia (VCHS)
•12 p.m.: vs. Nashville (VJHS)
•1:15 p.m.: vs. Breese Central (VJHS)
Tuesday, June 10
•8:45 a.m.: vs. Mt. Carmel (VCHS)
•10:15 a.m.: vs. Edwards County (VCHS)

Ramsey schedule
Monday, June 9
•9:45 a.m.: vs. Decatur LSA (VES)
•11:15 a.m.: vs. Seneca (VES)
•12:30 p.m.: vs. Breese Central (VJHS)
•1:15 p.m.: vs. Heritage/Villa Grove (VCHS)
Tuesday, June 10
•8 a.m.: vs. Vandalia (VCHS)
•9:30 a.m.: vs. Nashville (VJHS)

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