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In answer to inquiries …
… about Callie, the Kitty’s health, she is taking her medications (insulin injections and antibiotic) peacefully and calmly, and seems to be doing well.

She is eating her prescribed food (as she needs to do) and does not seem to be in any discomfort. We thought she would wise up and not want to come to us when we called, but she not only comes to us, she seems to get in the proper position for her injections on her own, with no squirming, yowling, hissing, biting or other unladylike actions.
Josie, the doggie, watches the procedures quietly, without barking or other unsettling distractions to upset Callie.
It has proved to be much easier than we first anticipated, wholly due to the fact that Callie is a good cat.
The Bovine Gals
Betsy and the longhorn family are really enjoying the lush, green pasture now. They graze for a while, then lie down to rest in a group and chew their cud. One wonders if they are communicating with one another as they chew, as they keep their heads up and appear to be gazing at one another. Sometimes, the red cows can be seen stretched out on their sides, full-length, in the sunshine.
Often, they are lying in sort of a circle, with each one facing a different direction, as if keeping watch.
We think there is still an unrequited, one-sided love going on with one of the “guys” across the lane in neighbor Scott’s pasture. One of our young red cows (Ennie, Meenie or Mosey – I can hardly tell them apart) calls across the lane, but the young bull ignores her.
Community Memorial Day Choir Practice …
… will be at the United Methodist Church on Monday at 6:30 p.m.
We Appreciate …
… this group of citizens that give their time and talents to lend their voices to the yearly Memorial Day Program.
And We Especially Appreciate …
… the Brownstown VFW Post 9770, which presents this tribute to all service men and women and honor all veterans of our country.  
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Elaine Voelker, Katie Herbord and Jenna Townsend.
Anniversaries-Marty and Rebecca Evans, and Darrel and Zandra Sidwell.
It has been reported that when the First Christian Church volunteer men’s chorus contributed special music Sunday, they received a standing ovation from the ladies.
A ‘Precious’ Gift
It was noticed that Mary Ann Doehring gave a grateful friend the gift of the latest Alan Jackson CD entitled “Precious Memories II.”  
Also noted is the fact that popular gospel singer, Steve Ladd, is a part-time member of the Stamps Quartet, and as such, sang background words on “When The Roll Is called Up Yonder” on the CD.
Steve has become a favorite in the area, as he has appeared in concert in churches around the area.
He will be in concert at Liberty Christian Church on Aug. 16 at 6 p.m.
Hats off to Calvin …
… Boggs, a senior at Brownstown High School, who listed the names of all the veterans buried in Griffth Cemetery and built a large glass display case in which to display the map and names.
A tip of the hat also to his friend, Perry Gentry, who helped Calvin set the display in the cemetery near the large Griffith Cemetery granite marker and the American flag, located to the right of the entrance.
Coming and Going-Mother’s Day
Ken & Wanda Puleo…
… had a long and enjoyable Mother’s Day. Son Billy came by to visit Sunday morning, then the Puleos and Debbie McDonald were invited to Ramsey to son Mike and wife Tammy’s home for a cookout with the family.
And later …
… the Puleos enjoyed supper with daughter Kathy and her husband and their three little girls. After the meal, the girls were ready to go outside and play in their new sandbox, newlybuilt by their dad, Matt.
They have a complete playground set, also built by Matt, who seems to be an expert builder. Honora, Isla and Iona, each have their own swing and love being pushed by their mom and dad.
Daughter Connie had to work Mother’s Day, so her visit was postponed for now.   
Homestead Happy Pre-Mother’s Day
Son Jim started the celebration early with a Happy Mother’s Day phone call. Then daughter Jill, her husband Don and our great-granddaughter, Emily Lynn, arrived Saturday, bearing a dogwood tree and a dogwood bush, for which Don prepared the ground, dug the holes, poured water in them and set the trees to grow healthy and strong.
Sefton Unit Surprises Fisher
When the members of the Sefton Unit of Home and Community Education gathered for their annual Mother’s Day potluck meeting on Thursday, May 8, they also held a surprise birthday celebration for long-time member Lucille Fisher, who recently observed her 101st birthday.
The room and tables were decorated with little chef’s hats and tiny aprons, on blue and white gingham squares, with tiny kitchen implements along side, in keeping with the IAHCE theme, “Been Cooking 90 Years.” Also, in keeping with the theme and also in honor of Mother’s Day, small, old-fashioned dolls in aprons, with smaller dolls as daughters, were placed on the tables.  A front table centerpiece, in keeping with the theme, held a Barbie doll in chef’s hat and apron with a smaller doll as her daughter, a more modern version on this end of the spectrum of the 90 years.
The meeting began as the club president, Flo Allen, opened the meeting with the pledge to the American flag. Panzi Blackwell asked the blessing for the potluck meal.
Secretary Elizabeth Kasten gave the roll call with the question, “How do you like your hamburgers?” Fifteen members answered the roll call, with two guests also present.
Treasurer Shirley Klitzing gave the financial report. She also reviewed the “Pennies for Friendship” project and offered informational forms for those who wished to become more involved in a fun project to collect pennies.
Allen read the board notes and reminded all that the club dues of $15 are due this month.
Allen also announced the annual HCE potluck dinner/installation of officers will be held at noon on Tuesday, June 17, at Holy Cross Lutheran Church in Vandalia. Registration is at 11:30 a,m,
Kruger Talks about County Fair Participation
Guest speaker Wilma Kruger encouraged the Fayette County HCE members to participate in the Fayette County Fair this summer. Kruger has made countless entries (and won many ribbons/prizes) in the Fayette County Fair over the years, and is still continuing to do so.  She has been a faithful and loyal supporter of the fair, as have other HCE members in years past, and highly recommends the HCE club participate in some way.
Fisher and Largent Recall Past Personal Entries
Lucille Fisher commented on entering gooseberries in previous fairs, and that the berries were to be of uniform size, not assorted sizes.
Connie Largent told of her experience with the 4-H entries in the County Fair, particularly one with an angel food cake.
The club plans to support the fair this year, both with entries and attendance.
Betty Miller announced that her daughter, Julie Miller, who owns and manages the Five Feline Hobby Farm is preparing for the summer tours.
Discussion followed on the possibility of the Sefton Unit taking the tour at a later date.
Lucille Fisher and Helen Klitzing announced to the club that they have been eating radishes and spinach from their garden.  
Helen also talked about growing potatoes in a bucket or a stack of old tires. The advantage of the tires planter is that as the potatoes grow, you just remove the tires from the top and you don’t have to dig the potatoes.  
Betty Williams gave the lesson on “Growing Your Own Food,” stating that (according to information supplied by the University of Illinois) “gardening is often described as one of the most popular hobbies in the world and that a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn 350 calories an hour working in a garden, which is equivalent to walking briskly, vigorously playing with children, playing softball or low impact aerobics.”
She also talked about gardens planted in contained areas, such as raised beds or stacks of tires.
Williams passed fliers out “Growing Your Own Food,” listing some benefits of gardening, etc.
Elizabeth Kasten gave the lesson, on “Investing in Your Financial Health,” including  “Know Your Annual Income,” “Calculate Your Net Worth” and more, with handouts provided by the U of I Extension. Kasten also handed out an annual income worksheet, along with the Financial Tips for Retirees informational fliers.
Following the business and lessons portions of the meeting, Lucille was presented with the cake and party in her honor.
Still an active member, gardener, and cook (she is the club’s baker of Irish soda bread, which brings high bids for the fundraiser auction). She attends most of the meetings, accompanied by her daughter, Helen Klitzing, who is also a member of Sefton Unit.
She was presented with a cake, beautifully decorated by a sister club member Delores Dukeman, which she shared with all present. She was also presented with flowers and a Teddy bear that sang “Happy Birthday” to her.
Allen shared some humorous experiences about her mother and recalled a portion of a humorous poem written many years ago by her mother, a poet.
Klitzing shared a humorous memory and Blackwell read a poem about her mother.
Present were Allen, Kasten, Delores Dukeman, Sharon Wilhelm, Helen Klitzing, Sally Behrends, Betty Miller, Shirley Klitzing, Fisher, Phyllis Bruno, Blackwell, Robbie Durbin, Williams, Connie Largent, and DeeDee Diveley. Guests were Wilma Kruger and Carol Klitzing.

Lucille Fisher is shown with the birthday cake presented to her at the meeting of the HCE Sefton Unit last Thursday.

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