South Central Prom Royalty

Connor King and Sierra Gunnels were crowned king and queen at the South Central High School prom held on Saturday, April 26.

After the coronation, the audience watched as all the prom attendees proceeded with the Grand March. For the first time, a Grand Dance was included in the Grand March. Participants did a two-step that they had learned under the direction of PE teacher Cindy Neilson. Pictured, from left, are Kerrigan Henken, Gwen Lewis, Shawn Armstron, Tori Robbins, crown bearer Kiera Langley, retiring king Zach Casseday, retiring queen Breanna Hester, Sierra Gunnels, King, crown bearer Mylz Campbell, Azlynn Arnold, Collin Fitzwater, Anna Morris, Michael Sproat, Mariah Campbell and Kyle Bray.

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