Evergreen Outreach

By  Charlene M. Jett
Our meeting on Monday started with an "Oops!" For two YEARS, I’ve been spelling Bette wrong – that is, Betty Stolte, our pianist, is really Bette! It’s OK, she knows me and just put it together with all the bad notes she has heard me sing!
Now, on to the meeting!
Beulah Brown was our leader, and she came zooming in just in the nick of time. We shared refreshments and sang our "Welcome"  and regular meeting songs! Bette Stolte played lovely melodies, which created a gentle, peaceful welcome for everyone.  We sang "Happy Birthday" to Ethel Jackson, Elizabeth Krist, Cary Neely, Randy Owens, Dorothy Evans, Robbie Baker and the Rev. Jim Fackler. We also wished Robbie and Tora, his girlfriend, a happy anniversary.
Fackler, who brought his very, very old, ratty, tatty Bible, was in charge of our devotions. According to him, this particular Bible is like some of our bodies and minds – pretty well shot and falling apart! Not to worry! Because if we do fall apart, we will get to live with Jesus, plain and simple. Really not such a bad deal, after all.
He told a story from the Bible about a couple of disciples who were walking and  encountered a stranger. They did not realize it was Jesus himself who was walking and  telling them about all that has happened at Jerusalem. He told them that Jesus had been crucified and resurrected. Little did they realize they were actually speaking to the resurrected Christ. Jesus traveled around Jerusalem, visible to his disciples and others. Perhaps he appeared as real flesh, so not to startle everyone, I don’t know. But he did show his wounded flesh to Thomas, who wouldn’t believe until he touched Christ’s wounded hands, feet and side.
So this story from Fackler’s ratty, tatty, very, very, old Bible is really about 2,000 years old, and is an undisputed truth! He blessed us and shared a prayer, as we moved on to our entertainment.
Joyce Staff is responsible for one of the most fun events of the year: making May baskets from  colored construction paper, and piles and piles of artificial flowers. She demonstrated three styles of baskets, and all were easily made, just using one staple. Naturally, she had patiently cut out the right sizes of papers and had the flowers organized. This lady is so organized that she can organize 12 tables of people, dozens of sheets of paper and piles of flowers! Talk about inspiring. Plus, everyone was happy and got a gift!
Beulah and Bette chimed in and we all sang “Jesus Loves Me." Everyone who came to our meeting on Monday got to go home with a “May basket.”
Our pinochle table had two close games between the teams of Rosamund Hobler and Mary Woolsey and Shirley Locke and Richard Kruenegel. They got May baskets, too. See how Jesus blesses everyone!
“Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off  your goal.” (Henry Ford)

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