Using capital funds to meet payroll is wrong

After reading the account of the last county board meeting I was very upset. I thought the board was elected to act on behalf of the citizens of the county and provide the leadership needed to see that the county is operated as efficiently as possible.
I know that this is a thankless job, but when the only alternative to improve the county’s financial situation is to arrest more citizens – we have a problem!
There is a solution. While it is not popular within any government agency, it is the root cause of the financial woes. Personnel. If current taxation will not support current staffing levels, then those levels must be reduced. Plain and simple, the county cannot afford the number of employees it has, and pulling money from a fund that was explicitly designated for capital improvements is wrong. It’s easy, but it is a misuse of funds,  and the individuals responsible should be held accountable.
If the current county board does not have the leadership or the will to do the right thing for the citizens of this county, then we should replace every single one of them.
I believe that our transportation system was built to encourage commerce throughout this county. That trade is the engine that fuels the tax base of not just a city, a county and a state, but the entire nation. By using law enforcement to turn it into a revenue source seems like the last gasp of a failed system.
If the county board wants to do the right thing, then they should immediately bring the staffing in line with the current income, and work to replace the funds wrongfully spent. If they don’t, then our county will be doomed to the same fate as other failed local governing bodies that have filed for bankruptcy.
Merrell Collins

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