Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M.  Jett
Our meeting on Monday was between raindrops, after the previous night’s storms.  So,  that means we found the silver lining!  
Our leader was Cindy Hunter. We shared refreshments and played a “FourGiven Quartet” CD entitled “Thank Him for the Miracle.” Please look this up at fourgiven.com, or call 283-4125.
Hunter shared with us about her recent wedding anniversary and her adoption of a dog. At that point, everyone got to pet Dolly, Phyllis Rames' best-behaved dog in the world!
Hunter also shared her thoughts on hope in the Lord for those who are ill or need healing. She reminded us that prayers are free. Our prayers can be public or private. Our prayers are never regulated or legislated. And we should pray for “everyone in the world.” I call this my shortcut button when the list gets too long!
We sang "Happy Birthday" to Debbie Heflin, Erna Hall, Mike Cross, Kathy Erickson and Brian Brown.
The Rev. Roger Grimmett from First United Methodist Church took over and made us all laugh with his jokes and stories about “poor” preachers getting traffic tickets and pastors “ringing bells” when they fall down! The jokes were enough to make me bend over laughing.
He also told us about the National Week of Prayer, which we are in right now. Every morning there are prayer meetings for groups like government, education and the courts, and Thursday morning there is a big prayer breakfast at the American Legion, with Staci Carroll as speaker.
Grimmett told us that one of his favorite phrases related to prayer is this: “Prayers change people and people change things!”
Hopefully, we change things in the right way – avoiding chaos, destruction, violence and evil!
He also told us about how God is concerned for EVERYONE, and he can see into our heart! God pays attention to even the humble sparrow – he loves the small, the poor and the ugly just as much as he loves the great, the rich and the beautiful. According to Mathew 10, we never go unnoticed from God’s eyes, we are all so important to God. After all, we are his children.
We will miss Grimmett and his enthusiastic embrace of Evergreen Outreach. I hope he will be able to carry the passion and fire of Evergreen Outreach to his O’Fallon office as district superintendent in the United Methodist Church. His wife,  Brenda, (a nurse, now retiring),  has been a really big contributor to the choir by leading the Sunday hymns and group prayers for the choir. Don’t worry; they will not be far from us.
At our pinochle table, the team of Shirley Locke and Mary Woolsey lost to Edith Elliott and Ruth Ann Scott. The overall scores were a bit off – so I wonder if someone had too many parties over the weekend?  Mary? Shirley?  
I think we need a special prayer for FAYCO to come to EO, since they have missed twice!  We also need prayers for Patricia Pence – the wonderful instrumentalist of the “SoftFire” duo in Hillsboro. Prayers are also in order for the Vargases and Schukars.
Dear God, please help everyone. We miss them all!

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