Cut out the clutter – de-complexify your life

How busy were you this week? How many clubs, groups, organizations, boards, etc. are you involved with each month? Do you go to bed each evening completely worn out and dreading what awaits you when you wake up in the morning?

You suffer from a condition that is sweeping across America. It is a plague that affects almost every home in this great nation. It is a rooted in a need to feel important and fueled by a compulsion to stay so busy you can ignore the problems in your life. This condition is known as complexify. (Do not look for it in  Webster's dictionary, because I made up the term.)
Complexify is the opposite condition of the spiritual discipline of simplify. When we complexify our lives, when we fill our schedules, our homes and our budgets with so many complex agendas, material possessions and expenses, then we run out of time and energy on a daily basis.
The disease of complexify can only occur in a society where free time, cheap stuff and easily available credit is prevalent. Societies where people struggle for food, clothing and shelter never experience the disease of complexify. Life cannot be complexified when you are struggling to live!
Complexify is a direct result of trying to impress the people around us with our own importance, our fabulous and expensive possessions, and our exorbitant spending. People who suffer from this disease are the first to volunteer for a task that will provide them with recognition. These people enjoy entertaining people in their lavish homes, and yet complain about the work it takes before and after the event. Complexify people offer to pick up the tab at dinner and make sure everyone knows that they were the big spender who paid for the meal.
How can we cure the disease of complexify in America today? Jesus gave us the answer in the Bible. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus said, “Do not worry about what you will eat or wear…but seek first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you.” In the same sermon, Jesus taught us that when giving money to others to “not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing.” Jesus taught in the same sermon, “do not store up for yourself treasures on earth,  where thieves, moth and rust can destroy them.”
Simplify your life! Stop volunteering for everything that comes along. Also, your children do not have to be involved in every sport and club available to them. I know you will not believe me, but your child is not going to be a professional athlete when he or she grows up. (Sorry, but someone had to tell you.) Instead of running to organized sporting events with your family this weekend, throw/kick/hit (choose one) the ____ball (insert the proper word for your family; i.e. foot, base, basket, tennis, golf, etc.) together as a family in your back yard or in the park.
Simplify your possessions! If you have clothes you have not worn in the past year or items you have not used in ages, sell or give them away. (Those pants in my closet with the 32-inch waist will never be worn by me again.) Have a de-complexify sale, and get rid of the things that moths and rust are destroying. Matter of fact, let’s set Saturday, May 24, as the Vandalia De-Complexify Yard Sale Day! I am sure people from all over Southern Illinois will join us on that day to help us overcome this disease in our community.
Finally, start living your life on a budget every month! Live within your means. If you cannot pay cash for it, you DO NOT NEED it! Really, who are we trying to impress with exorbitant spending. Whoever they are, they are not worth impressing. Live on a budget so that you can begin to help people who are truly in need through your church, community organization or local benevolent ministries. Benevolent spending from within your means impresses God, and he is the only one who matters!
I hope that you will begin this week with the de-complexify program I have shared with you today.
If you put God first and simplify every aspect of your life, you will find that your exhaustion at the end of the day and your dread of tomorrow will disappear! Then you can live the abundant spiritual life that God has had planned for you since you were born!
Get out of God’s way and let him de-complexify your life!

Rev. Robert Weaver • First Baptist Church, Vandalia

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