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Critter Corner
Callie, The Kitty Adjusting to Move
Callie, the Kitty, is adjusting to “The Move” (from the south end of the lane to the north end). She goes to the back door when she wants out, but she goes no farther than down the steps, under the small-for-now-porch, down to the east end of the home and, rather hurriedly, back under the porch.
Conveniently (for her), the strong wind broke out the bottom half of our storm door and she can jump back into the house at will if the main door is open.
Betsy & the Longhorn Family …
… are also moooo-ving around. When Josie (doggie) and I go out for our early morning coffee and sunrise watch, we have noticed they have been sleeping around their hay bales Josh brought to them. However, when there is threat of a storm, they sleep down here, closer to the house.
The Early Country Mornings…
… are so fresh, with the beauty of the sunrise and the songs of the birds, the perfect setting for your morning cup of coffee or, sometimes, hot tea.  
We are still surrounded by trees, although not as close in, and it is soothing to watch the cows as they wake up and begin grazing peacefully.
Serenity is the name of the mornings and a great way to begin the day. It has been a little chilly in the early mornings, but a light wrap is warm enough.
Then for a “perk-me-up,” just across our lane are neighbor Scott’s beautiful horses, “Flask” and “Straight,” frisking around in the cool air.
Once in a while, they are like mischievous boys and chase Scott’s longhorn cows around the pasture.  The cows play along and run a ways, but with their long horns, they could probably end the boys’ fun right quick.
We have watched them and the cows (including our longhorns), have never seemed aggressive. The horses do not keep chasing them, just for a few minutes, probably like kids, for the fun of it.
We do enjoy watching our critters, all of them. Each has it’s own unique personality, and like people, some are more interesting or more affectionate, or funnier, etc., than another and, through the years, we have had many pets, and there have been tears shed over their graves, every one.  
Golden Years Club
Building …
… holds meaningful and precious memories for many as there have been celebrations of receptions, graduations, anniversaries, reunions, many fundraisers, bazaars, pie and ice cream socials, reunions and so forth.
The building itself is a landmark in Brownstown’s history, as it held civic, entertainment and social events, a community gathering place.
It has (and is) serving young and old. In my memory, it has served Red Cross blood banks, and Fayette County Health Department flu shot clinics and blood pressure clinics. It is used for club meetings and club fundraisers.  
But it is a sad, true fact that the old building is showing its age, and wearing out.  
Everything that can be salvaged and moved to the new building will be. One especially precious part of the building is the mural of old Brownstown, painted by Andreann Harre on the south wall of the club room. It seems to be movable and will be placed in the new building.
As the Golden Year Club members endeavor to find a suitable site, easily accessible and room for parking, they ask for the community’s moral support and physical support, and will appreciate any donation toward the building fund.
As the present building has served the community, so the new and more convenient new building will be an asset to the village of Brownstown.
Baby Talk
Young Ethan Wyatt VanZant…
…was seen in Mark’s Café on Saturday morning with proud grandma Connie Harre and Chelsi Forson.  Ethan, born March 2, is the son of Shannon and Wesley VanZandt.
Another new little arrival in Brownstown is Bryeson Kato Stokes, born March 25, to Jessica Wehrle and Sebastion (Bash) Stokes. Grandparents are Rebecca Wehrle, and Julie and Brent Smith.
Reminder to Fayette County HCE
Fayette County HCE dues ($15) are to be paid in May.
Auction for Relay for Life
The HCE Honeys, a Relay for Life Team consisting of members of the Fayette County Home & Community Education (HCE) Vandalia Day Unit, will hold an auction on Friday, May 9, at 6 p.m. at the Vandalia VFW.
The HCE Honeys have been holding fundraisers (chili dinner, soup dinner and bake sale) for Relay for Life. Donations for the auction are needed and appreciated. Contact Debbie Segrest at 267-0734 or Tammy England at 699-1701.      
Community Choir Rehearsal…
… for the Memorial Day service will be May 1 and 5 at Brownstown Methodist Church, at 6:30 p.m. each day.
Memorial Day Service …
… will be held May 26 at the Veterans’ Memorial Wall at the city park.
Golden Years Club
Twenty-three Golden Years Club members and friends attended the potluck meeting Tuesday, April 22.
The club president, Pastor Don Thomas, welcomed all, asked the blessing for the potluck meal and invited guests and asked that those with April anniversaries/birthdays to be served first.
Following the meal, Thomas called the meeting to order and updated the club on the status of  the acquisition of a site for the future club building.
Mark Whalen accompanied Thomas to make a proposal to the village board, during which questions were asked by the board. Thomas and Whalen answered questions and also discussed grants.  The board is to discuss the matter.
The Ladies Fellowship…
… of First Christian Church of Brownstown met Sunday afternoon to prepare boxes of cookies to take to shut-ins and others who need encouragement. Cards signed by the congregation were also included in the boxes. Some of the men helped with the delivery.  
Golden Years Club
Actively Looking for …
… two adjoining lots, or the equivalent, for the new Golden Years Club building.  If anyone has that, they can contact Donald Smail or Pastor Don Thomas.
A building fund account for donations toward the new building has been opened at First National Bank of Brownstown, so anyone may donate at the bank. The club is hoping that by this fall, that some decisions can be made regarding planning the new building.
The new building will be rentable, available by reservation, to be of much use to the community (as the present building has been), for celebrations, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, etc. – a real asset  to the community.  
Shirley Klitzing to Take Clubroom Reservations
Shirley Klitzing volunteered to take over the duty of accepting reservations/rentals of the club room. The number to call for reservation of club room is 427-3702.  
Another club member will be responsible for checking the room before and after use, straightening and pick up any debris, etc.
Vice President Joe Kelly offered humor as he read the “Prayer of a Hunter,” which he dedicated to Pastor Don Thomas. He also told a hunting dog joke, again dedicating it to Pastor Don.
Pat Wojnar read a “Jelly Bean Prater.” Thomas gave a quiz. Flo Allen gave a reading, “Aprons.” She also read an original poem, “The Colonoscopy.”
Thomas mentioned the need for the club to plan this year’s calendar of events and to bring their suggestions to the next meeting, which will be May 13 for a noon potluck and meeting. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, May 13, for noon potluck.
Brownstown United Methodist Church
The congregation of Brownstown Methodist Church gather for Sunday morning worship as pianist Lorraine Abendroth played the prelude.
Judy Watson served as liturgist and Hubert Williams and Jeff Kelly served as ushers.  
Pastor Don Thomas greeted all, recognized the April birthdays and anniversaries, shared the prayer list and requests, and led in prayer.
Children’s worship was led by Jenna Townsend, and the adult class was led by Flo Allen.
• Community Choir rehearsal for the Memorial Day Program is at the Church May 1 and 5, at 6:30 p.m. each day.
• May 15-at 9:30 a.m.-United Methodist Women’s May Breakfast at the church. Special speaker is Shepherdess Joan Miller. Ladies are asked to wear a hat.
First Baptist Church
of Brownstown
The congregation of First Baptist Church of Brownstown was welcomed and led in prayer by the pastor, Dr. Olen Evans. Jerry Reed shared the announcements and recognition of birthdays.
Joe Kelly, Martin Hasely, Rodney Deal and Ray Stafford served as ushers.
Angie Strobel played the offertory music. The praise team of Ann Robertson, Rhonda Howard, Jerry Reed, Ed Wiekert, Deanna Kestner, Tammy Barker, Sara Portz, Maisie Howard, Angela Strobel, Earl Crothers and Pierce Strobel led in songs of praise. Evans delivered the morning message.
• Deacons meeting is Sunday at 5:15 pm.
• Baptist Women will meet Monday, May 12, from 6-8 p.m.
• A Sisters in Christ banquet is Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall. Dinner will be served, and Joy Lawson will provide the entertainment. The cost is $5 per person.
• Sunday evening fellowship following the worship.
Brownstown First
Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Faye Schwarm and Cathy Haynes, and led in songs of praise by Jack Shelton, Judy Pilger and Joann Strobel, accompanied by pianist Susan Smith, guitarist Walt Kinney  and Mitchell Smith on drums.
Don Willms led the Communion meditation. Special music was contributed by Charlie Watson, followed by the morning message, delivered by Pastor Kevin Bonifacius.
Several people in the church wore hats of all descriptions Sunday to help raise money for the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center in Vandalia.  A special offering was taken to benefit the center.
Also serving-Ellen Willms-Sunday school nursery; Tena Gould-and Bonnie Shelton-toddler worship; Zach and Quest for Christ Team-Q-$-C; and Brent Keyes and Matthew Smith-shut-ins.
• Mother-Daughter supper- Saturday at 6:00 p.m. Anita Newlin will be the entertainment for the evening.
• Camp Rally at Bond Christian Service Camp is Thursday.

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