Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
Major changes of people at our meeting on Monday, but God loves us all anyway – NOT a problem! Our wonderful Bettye Stolte played the entire meeting! What a champ!
We missed FAYCO, the Vargases and the Schukars. Sure hope that we can see most of you next week. Get well, Katie and Bob.  
We sang our regular meeting songs while we shared refreshments. We sang "Happy Birthday" to Ruth Montecue, Richard Kruenegel, Bob Durbin, Edna Jones, Ivan Swofford, Sharon Burgess, Joan Kelly, Lillie Sessions, Shirley Locke and Cheri.
We were given a rousing devotion by the Rev. Tom Farris from the First Church of God. He told us a very amusing story about a race where a man who started a race was NOT the one who finished it. The one who started the race (who did not have a moustache) ran about seven miles and then his partner in deception (with a moustache) stepped in to finish the race and only had to run one mile to the finish line. At the finish line, the deception was discovered! They both lost and made the crowd and God angry! You can use this parable as a way to get to heaven, if you do not deceive God.
In Proverbs, the Lord explains about dishonesty, and that he wants his people to be honest. He will hold his righteous blameless, and he is not pleased with lies. We only hurt ourselves if we are dishonest, since our God is a God of truth!  We gain much more if we do not misrepresent things.
The music on Monday was good fun, thanks to Bettye. We got out our orange and blue song books, and started having fun! This was a day of singing. Everyone got to request their favoring songs, and we all would TRY to sing it. Naturally, some songs were harder than others, but our hearts were filled with the Holy Spirit and the joy it brings to us. We even had volunteers – Brad Elmore and I led the singing. I bet we sang more than a dozen songs, smiled and laughed at ourselves and with our friends. I didn’t even break any of Brad’s teeth or bust his lip by holding the microphone too close. It was just plain fun! I hope everyone enjoyed the outing, because we were very glad to have you.
I will confess a secret: Bettye can sing beautifully AND play the piano. She can be a one-person show. So remember to sit her down at the piano, bring her the microphone and turn her loose! You will enjoy it VERY much!
Phyllis Rames brought several pictures of Evergreen Outreach from many years ago. They are now posted on the bulletin board. Thank you, Phyllis!
We only have one pinochle table nowadays, but we have room for another if someone wants to join us. On Monday, we had a pinochle tie. The team of Shirley Locke and Mary Woolsey won one game,  and the team of Ruth Ann Scott and Edith Elliott also won one game.
Hope to see you all next week.  Stay well!

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