Evergreen Outreach

By Charlene M. Jett
Yes! Yes! We had a leader today – the Rev. Jim Fackler! Yes! Yes! We had a pianist today – Donna Smith! Today our meeting went very well and on time. Our entertainer was Bob Langley and his guitar – more about him later. We missed our Vandalia Long Term Care friends. Where were you?
We started out singing our special greeting and welcome songs as refreshments were served.
Just because I held up one song card upside down, that was no reason to stop singing! We sang "Happy Birthday" to Sherry Lewis, Mary Pontious, Jody Weaver, Shirley Locke and Cheri Logsdon. Fackler, as I have written about several times, has a gold-plated joke book, and once he gets started, he doesn’t like to let go! He is wonderful at lifting our spirits and warming us up with his humorous one liners and joke quizzes.  He gave us several tips about safety – walking around and at home. Then he  got down to the business of praying. He prayed and gave thanks for Jesus, who was sacrificed on the cross for our sins.  Since this Sunday is Easter (the day of Christ’s resurrection), we must remember the solemn Good Friday (the day of Christ’s crucifixion). Even on the cross,  Jesus forgave the thief next to him, saying that they would be in paradise together, and he asked his brother to care for their mother. Christ gave so much that he emptied his entire body through a process called kenosis, and then God took his spirit, as he died.  After this lesson, Fackler turned the meeting over to Bob Langley and his guitar.  
Langley describes his music as “old,” but I prefer to call them powerful, deep, profound and serious songs. This is the time of year for fully understanding the meaning of what happened on Good Friday and Easter. NOT just the Easter bunny!  I don’t know all the titles of the songs he sang for us, most of them told powerful and moving stories about Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  A great old favorite, “Will the Circle be Unbroken?” was sung by everyone. There was one I’m particularly fond of: ”Ain’t No Grave Gonna hold me Down.” And, considering Fackler’s message, this was particularly poignant.  Another song told the story of “Golden Gardens in Heaven,” which I really hope to get to visit! Seriously now, I don’t want to be greedy, but I honestly cannot wait to get to heaven!  TRYING LORD!
We welcomed Richard Kruenegel, back to the pinochle table! Being in the hospital is not the easiest way to diet!  Keep up the serious work of recovery. Mary Woolsey and Richard we teamed up and won two games, with Susan Meador and Ruth Ann Scott winning one.  
We wish everyone a Happy Easter, and look forward to seeing you next week at the First United Methodist Church – Wesley Hall!
Please don’t eat all the chocolate Easter bunnies at once!

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