ExxonMobil Annuitants

The ExxonMobil Annuitants Club met on Feb. 28 at the Ponderosa Steakhouse in Vandalia, with 24 members, two new members and four guests present.
Guests attending were Kenneth and Angie Hagan, Millie Brooks and Pat Hamilton. Mike Mulhern introduced Henry and Raynette Sanchez, who joined the club at this meeting.
The pledge to the flag was followed by the meal prayer, given by Brock Fisher. After the meal, Vice President Mulhern welcomed everyone. Everyone introduced themselves to the new members.
The secretary and treasurer’s reports were read and approved. Birthdays and anniversaries for February were also read.
Mulhern announced that Frank Heigert had audited the club books and found everything to be in order. The audited books were approved.
A trivia game sheet was read and answers were given in the form of the member’s picture on the room computer screen. Mulhern said he is planning to prepare one of those for each meeting in the hopes that members could all learn the names and faces of each other more easily.
He distributed member data sheets that he had compiled for members to make any changes to their profiles.
Mulhern announced that he had researched the ExxonMobil hearing benefit, as well as adiscount for Verizon.
He brought up the ExxonMobil 2012 Volunteer Involvement Program. Grant applications need to be filed by March 15, so anyone interested should see him for the form.
He also announced that applications are reviewed quarterly and urged members to check with charities with which they volunteer to see if they qualify for grants.
Madelon Fisher read a humorous item to read. She and her husband, Brock, also brought some framed photographs of oil fields from Oklahoma dated around 1919-1920.
Elloise Black thanked everyone for their cards, prayers and support.
Members present were:  Roger Bergman, Dean and Elloise Black, D.R. and Pat Caldwell, Dallas and Jo Fairley, Elmer Feezel, Brock and Madelon Fisher, Carolyn Johnson, Karl Kozak, Cy and Lorene Locke, Vernus Lytle, Vera Miller, Mike and Laura Mulhern, Butch and Martha Shelton, Jim Sprayberry, Junior and Betty Williams, and Helen Wright.

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