Robin Lovett steps in as Brownstown clerk

Robin Lovett was originally born in New York and lived in different places during her young years, because her dad was in the military. They settled down here when she was young, and she graduated from Brownstown High School.

She regards Brownstown as her hometown and has served its village clerk since September, after previously serving as its treasurer.
Meet Robin Lovett, Brownstown’s new village clerk.
In the beginning…
Robin Lovett is very pleasant and soft-spoken, and her conversation is concise, but informative, interesting and sincere.  
“I was born in New York and was adopted when I was 6 months old,” she said. “Dad and Mom were from this area, so I pretty much grew up here.
“My dad was in the service, so we lived in different places, but basically from the second grade on, I’ve been a resident of Brownstown,” she shared.  “My mom, Shirley Goldsborough, and my grandparents lived three miles north of town, on the Guy Smith corner. He (Guy) was my grandpa. So we lived there all through high school, in a trailer right beside their house.”
Entering the Work Field & Gaining Experience
Robin began working and gaining valuable experience at the age of 16 and still a Brownstown High School student.
“I started at McDonald’s Restaurant in Vandalia when they first opened,” she said. “That was my first job, and I worked there a year or two.
“There were two summers I worked through the CEFS summer program that would find summer jobs for high school kids. One summer I worked for Eldon Dugan at the ESDA office.
“Then I worked for a few months for George Huber at the law office. Carolyn Fulk also worked there too, so we commuted together to Vandalia,” Robin said.
She then worked at FAYCO for about year, “and then I ended up at Illinois Power as a customer service representative and worked there for nine years, until my second child was born, in 1989. Then, I quit working there and stayed home for a while.”
Home, but Still Working
She stayed at home for awhile, but was not idle. “I sold Home Interiors. Then I got on here (village hall) as a treasurer in 1997 and worked here full-time until September of 1998, when I went to work at Greenville College in the teachers’ education office and worked there until September 2012, when I got on here as clerk,” she said.
“But when I went to Greenville, I still continued doing the treasurer work here, by signature only.”
She eventually gave up the treasurer position and concentrated on the college position.  “I think Billie Diveley filled in here until they hired Karen (Morrison). Robin holds Karen in high esteem, and said that they work well together and apart, as they each have their own duties and responsibilities.
“I never went to college,” she said, “but the last two years at Greenville, I took some accounting and business-related classes there and have 10 credits. They have helped my here, because this job requires a lot of bookkeeping and accounting, which I love.”  
Robin and Family in Person
Robin’s husband of 29 years is Don Lovett, who works for the Fayette County Highway Department. She recalled that there were three of them in the church who got married in June that year, “and the weddings were just thirteen days apart. I was right in the middle, and the other two were sisters.
Aaron, their son, is 26, and married to Samantha. They have a 1½-year-old child, Reese, and live in Lexington, Ky.
Aaron’s name is well-known in the area, as he was an outstanding star baseball pitcher for Brownstown High School. He was drafted out of high school by the Colorado Rockies.
He attended Kaskaskia College for two years, then was awarded a scholarship to go to the University of Kentucky, where he earned a bachelor’s degree in exercise science. He works for a Pepsi affiliate and is an account manager with them.
The Lovetts’ daughter, Jennifer, graduated from Brownstown High School in 2007 and is the events coordinator for the Lincoln Logan Chamber of Commerce in Logan. She went to Lincoln Christian University for four years and got a degree in business administration.
She coordinates the chamber’s annual big balloon festival. Engaged, she is planning an April. Her fiancée is a youth minister, and they will be living in Peoria Heights.
The Lovetts attend First Christian Church in Brownstown, where Robin regularly plays the piano and organ. “There are two of us. Susan Smith and I kind of trade off and rotate,” she said.
Robin began playing the piano in the second grade. She was playing at church for the younger groups when she was in the sixth grade.
She said that she and Don used to help out a lot at church, especially at Easter and when their children were younger.  “Now, we just kind of sit back, but sometimes we get involved,” she said.
Robin loves music and enjoys going to concerts. She and Don enjoy the water, with boating and skiing. “We even bought a boat, but I broke my heel on it, so I don’t know if that is a good thing or not,” she said.
Summing Up
She and Don enjoy their family (visiting his parents wintering in Florida every other year), their church and their friends.
“Keeping God in the center of your lives is very important,” she said.
Robin loves her work and she appreciates living close by, so she doesn’t have to commute. She knows almost everyone, she has close friends in the area, and she and Karen work well together.
She knows that as village clerk, she has a tough act to follow. “Sherry (Meador) was very meticulous,” she said.
She attends the village meeting every month, which is held on the third Tuesday of every month at 7 p.m. at the village hall. “I have to be there to take notes, be there along with the village president and board members. I have to get everything ready for those meetings.
“Being at the meetings helps me to keep in touch with a lot of people, and I have to keep in touch with the attorney to be sure of what is going on. I have to do reports that have to go in for the water, etc.”
But, “I love the work that I do, I really like it here and I love the commute, because it is so short,” she said, laughing.

Robin Lovett

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