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Katy Meets the Welcoming Committee
On the advice of Tammie Rogers,  Bill’s puppy, “Katy,” is spending her evenings and nights in the house. (So much for the “We are not going to have another indoor dog” vow we took).  
As she participated in the “Callie ran 15 feet up a tree and couldn’t get back down” episode, Callie does not hold out the paw of friendship to Katy.
And, as Josie, the doggie, is getting older and more intolerant of other critters, Katy’s bed is in her large cage, which she doesn’t seem to mind at all, even when Callie and Josie enters the room and looks at her … usually from across the room.
However, they are beginning to draw closer with sound effects. Katy likes to lay with her feet stuck out through the bars. She has two chewies, and she often pushes one out of her cage and lays with her foot over it.
To demonstrate Katy’s good nature, Josie actually got close enough to sniff Katy’s foot without incident. But when Josie got away from Katy, she growled. Katy didn’t respond.
Callie likes to stroll into the room and casually growl in the direction of Katy, but she stays back from any contact. When the three shall meet with no barrier between them, there may be chaos and mayhem. But then, that will be another story.
Christmas Tidings
• Combined Christmas Eve service at Liberty Christian Church with First Christian Church.
• Dec. 29-Homecoming Gospel Choir at 6 p.m. at Kinmundy Christian Church.
Mark’s Café Holds Customer Appreciation Dinner
Mark Kimberlin and staff  (Connie, LeAnne, Joyce, Betty, Becky, Tina, Ashley, Dustin and Rachel) at Mark’s Café put out the invitation to their customers that a customer appreciation Dinner would be served Sunday from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Mrs. Santa Claus (AKA Becky Wehrle) greeted everyone with a candy cane as they came through the door. Ham and fried chicken with all the trimmings and dessert were served buffet-style. Approximately 200 persons were served.
Brownstown Elementary Reading Night …
… was held Thursday, Nov.15. The teachers, dressed in character, read Thanksgiving stories.
Parents and students chose two different sessions of teachers reading stories that were Thanksgiving-related. Then, a performance of the Junie B. Jones book, “Turkeys We Have Loved and Eaten” was acted out by BES teachers and staff in the gym. A book fair was also open for students to purchase books. A $50 Wal-Mart gift card was given to a parent, Talisha Bloemker, and several gifts were given to student winners of drawings.
Golden Years Gang entertains at Christmas Dinner
Twenty-six members and seven guests were present for the Golden Years Club’s annual Christmas dinner on Dec. 11.
The club room was gaily decorated with a large, lighted Christmas tree and seasonal table centerpieces, compliments of Donnie Smail. Guest Davis Redman played Christmas music on the clavinove, which was loaned to the club by Liberty Christian Church.
Vice President Joe Kelly welcomed all and asked Flo Allen to give an update on the club’s president, Don Thomas, who was hospitalized for surgery.
He then introduced the guests and recognized the birthdays of Lois Jackson and Alice Stewart. Kelly asked the blessing and invited the guests to be served first.
All enjoyed the traditional Christmas dinner with all the trimmings and bountiful, varied desserts.
Following the meal, the Golden Years Gang again lent their talents as “The Cracker Barrel School Kids” in a production called, “The Cracker Barrel School Christmas.”
Giving sterling performances were: Shirley Klitzing as the teacher;  Carolyn Grames, the “good little girl”; Flo Allen-“ the spunky, in control little girl”; Phyllis Pryor-“the sweet, smart, rich teacher’s pet”;  and Donnie Smail and Morgan Pryor as the “identical twins, both with black, bobbed “Buster Brown” hair styles.They were mischievous, irrepressible and boisterous to the point of being uncontrollable.
However, the “Class of 2012” provided a lot of laughs as they composed and shared their letters to Santa, and they did settle down when Santa suddenly appeared on the scene, carrying a large bag of toys.  (His sleigh was seemingly drawn by Brad Holman’s pickup truck.)
All the children received what they had asked for in their letters. Santa brought dolls for the girls, a drum for Donnie and a huntin’ dog for Morgan.However, Santa said, a meeting was held in Santa’s workshop about the placement of Morgan’s name on Santa’s “good kids” list. Santa also brought a Teddy bear angel for the teacher, who was certainly deserving.
At Santa’s request, the “kids” led the audience in singing Christmas songs, accompanied by Davis Redman. Following the skit, Davis continued to play, and Alice Stewart sang “Silver Bells.”
As the party broke up, Santa told everyone “Merry Christmas” and a last glimpse saw him entering the driver’s side of Brad Holman’s truck. The next Golden Years meeting will be held Jan. 8.
Sefton Unit HCE hold Christmas Party
Twenty-three members and one guest, Carol Behrends, were present for the Sefton Unit HCE Christmas party on December 13. They met  at The Hitchin’ Post in Brownstown and gathered in the private room to place their gifts for the exchange under the large Christmas tree. The club chairman, Flo Allen, welcomed all. Orders were placed for the meal, and Panzi Blackwell asked the blessing.
Cards were signed for absent members, Illene Sidwell, Marge Weiss, and Leona McConaughay. Elizabeth Kasten brought games and winners were Phyllis Pryor, Ginny Wilbur, Panzi Blackwell and LaVonne Kramer.
Elizabeth Kasten shared a beautiful, handmade card she had received. Debbie Swain displayed a sample tote bag that all members of the Fayette County HCE are invited to meet and make on Jan. 17. (More information on this later).
Following the dinner, numbers were drawn for the gift exchange. Door prizes were won by Joyce Fisher, Carol Behrends, Alice Scott, Debbie Swain, Helen Klitzing, Connie Bingham, Sharon Wilhelm, Phyllis Pryor, Sally Behrends, Marilyn Yakel, Ginny Wilbur, Vernus Lytle, Deanna Miller, Shirley Klitzing, Delores Dukeman, Panzi Blackwell, Connie Largent, Phyllis Bruno and Elizabeth Kasten. Also present were Helen Klitzing, Lucille Fisher, Shirley Mattes, LaVonne Kramer, Flo Allen and DeeDee Diveley.
United Methodist Church
Betty Miller was pianist and Jeffrey Kelly lighted the altar candles as the congregation of the United Methodist gathered for Sunday morning services.
Jeff and Renna Kelly, and Jeffrey Kelly lighted the Advent candle. Don Thomas delivered the message. A special Christmas offering was made during the “March to the Manger.”
First Christian Church
Note: The FCC Christmas program will be in the next edition of this newspaper.
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by Duane and Laura Willms, and greeted by Kevin Bonifacius, who also shared the announcements.
Cathy Smith and Judy Pilger led in songs of praise, accompanied by Susan Smith, pianist; drummer-Walt Kinney; and Rick Cox, Chuck Enlow-guitarists.
Jack Shelton led the meditation and prayer. Charlie Watson led the gifts and offerings prayer. Matthew Smith contributed special music. Kevin Bonifacius delivered the message and led in prayer.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery-Ellen Willms; a.m. nursery-Joann Strobel; and shut-ins-Charlie Watson and Kevin Bonifacius.

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