BHS chorus salutes veterans

Brownstown High School choral students (from left) Lakin Evans, Hannah Koehler, Krystyn Fitch, Caitlyn Reeter and Sydney Rosborough perform in ‘A Musical Salute to Veterans.’

Hannah Koehler reads the Gettysburg Address during the musical performance at BHS on Friday morning.

Kendra Houghtaling, vocal music instructor at Brownstown Junior-Senior High School, accompanied the choral students as they presented ‘A Musical Salute to Veterans.’

As Kyrstyn Fitch (left) holds the Coast Guard seal, Alisa Rush and Shawnee Street sing the Coast Guard’s theme song during a program presented on Friday by choral students at Brownstown High School. The students gave morning and evening presentations to honor veterans.

Singing the national anthem, from left to right, are Nikki Taylor, Kayla Haslett, Shawnee Street and Melissa Wiley.

Danielle Austin performed in the role of Ms. Williams, the class teacher, for ‘A Musical Salute to Veterans.’

A number of veterans were present for the Friday morning performance of ‘A Musical Salute to Veterans.’

Stephen Berg (left) and Jacob Bloemker fold the American flag during the musical performance on Friday morning.

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