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From the Chicken Roost
“It must be the economy” (sound familiar). Egg output has dropped drastically to … nothing.

The girls, Rhonda and Blackie are still eating good and have not been seen shivering or their teeth chattering, but the nest has been empty for a few days now.  
We have noticed Bill’s puppy, Katy (the black Lab/blue heeler mix), looking out at the woods, the hair raised on the back of her neck and barking quite a bit lately, so we figure the wild critters are moving around.
Blackie probably still has nightmares about the terrible kidnapping she witnessed, when Red Fox took Blackie’s hen buddy, Anita , home for breakfast. She no doubt, told Rhonda the horror story, so maybe the girls aren’t getting their beauty sleep due to this and are laying low … or rather, not laying at all.
The beauty, fun and benefits, of living right in the woods, however, is seeing and hearing the assorted wild critters in their OWN habitat.  The accent is on “own,” because this is their natural home, as their Creator provided for them.  It is up to us, our responsibility, to keep the Homestead critters safe.
When Josie (doggie) and I went outside (necessary outing) at 4:30 this morning, we heard an owl hooting in a nearby tree. As we don’t have guineas anymore (thanks to the owls and ‘possums), we don’t mind hearing the owls. Before, it was like a warning alarm for the guineas to beware and duck! Oh well, some great day all the critters will be friends with one another (something we “more intelligent” humans need to do now).
A Special Thank You to Our Veterans from the Brownstown-Sefton News Column
The Rev. Carl Rhodes of Northside Christian Church in Vandalia, a Vietnam veteran, made this comment on Panzi’s Partyline Show Monday morning: “Freedom has a taste that the protected will never know.” Thank you, veterans.
Benefit for Billie Enlow …
… is this Sunday at the Brownstown Elementary Cafeteria, from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. All money raised will help family with medical bills and expenses due to cancer. The benefit includes a spaghetti dinner, 50/50 raffle, silent auction, dessert auction and live music. For more information call Claudia Evans, 780-2811; Laura Willms, 267-5375; or Rae Lynn Koehler, 339-4520.
Sefton Unit HCE Cookie Exchange Meeting…
… is this Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Golden Years building. Everyone is to bring two dozen cookies and the recipes to share and exchange.
Community Thanksgiving Service …
… will be held at First Christian Church in Brownstown at 6 p.m. on Nov. 18. The Rev. Jim Dann will bring the message. All are welcome.
Caring & Sharing …
… is again preparing Christmas baskets in the Brownstown community, to provide Christmas dinner with the trimmings plus gifts. Needed are non-perishable food items, new or like-new toys, puzzles, games, hats, gloves, mittens, scarves, socks, teen items, Christmas decorations, dinnerware, monetary gifts to purchase perishable foods and special gifts.
Items need to be at the church by Dec. 9 for delivery to the collection site.
Food Pantry Items for November
One package taco seasoning, two cans chili beans, one can tomato sauce, one package rice. Anything would be appreciated.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays: David Goldsboro, Jessica Fulk, Phyllis Bruno, Dillion Elam, Kayla Summann, Bette Stolte, Eric Gurtner, Flo Allen and Darrel Sidwell. Anniversaries: Glenn and Pam Gurtner, and Hubert and Betty Willaims.
Archery Range Now Established at Brownstown Elementary
Brownstown Elementary teacher Sandra Stine secured a NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) grant to help purchase materials to establish an indoor archery range.
BES Custodian Dave Arnold  was instrumental getting the cranks set up, so the net could be hung.
“Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth”
…is an old adage, which has been proven wrong every year at the Golden Years’ annual soup dinner and bazaar, and was proven wrong again last Saturday. The event was deemed a success, although the crowd was not as big this year.
On a donation basis, the guests were generous, and the seniors’ club is appreciative of the loyalty of their friends and fellow citizens, some of which have attended through the years.
Likewise, the diners seemed appreciative of the usual, good-tasting, homemade soup. The money is used for maintenance of the building and other expenses.
The landmark building has a history in Brownstown area and is also used for community and local celebrations, such as anniversaries, reunions, club meetings, graduation parties, etc. It is not government-supported and the members have always worked to hold fundraisers to support the club, which caring and interested people also gift the club’s coffer, which is also very much appreciated.
Many will remember the wonderful aroma of the Golden Years apple butter  in the fall, when the members brought in the apples, washed, peeled, flavored and cooked the apple butter in the huge copper kettle just outside the building, and canned it in sterilized quart and pint-sized jars.
The delicious apple butter became well-known, and customers even came from other states to purchase it for themselves and for gifts.
The apple butter days are now among our precious memories, are as many of those men and women who helped make it.
However, some of the apple butter days members are still in the club and help with today’s fundraisers.              
And the Winner of the Crosley Telephone is …
… Lola Rhodes. The telephone, donated by Fred and Connie Bingaman, to the Golden Years soup dinner and bazaar, was a pretty, old-style, hang-on-the-wall, turn-crank-to-call, partyline kind. Congratulations and the members’ appreciation to Lola.
Coming & Going
Lamont & Mary
The Homesteaders, namely Bill and Panzi, were glad to see old friends Lamont and Mary Miller when they were having lunch at Mark’s Café Sunday. Some of Lamont and Mary’s family were accompanying them.
Mary shared that she reads our Brownstown-Sefton every week, especially the Critters’ part.
Also ran into …
…little cousin Jeff Howard at Mark’s one morning. Guess that’s the place  “where everybody knows your name.”
United Methodist Church
United Methodist Church Sunday morning worship was opened by Pastor Don Thomas, with Bette Stolte playing the piano and Judy Watson as liturgist. Acolytes were Jarin Evans and Nicholas Grull. Hubert Williams and Gary Watson served as ushers.
Thomas shared the announcements prayer concerns and requests.
The birthday song was sung to David Goldsboro. Thomas delivered the sermon, followed by Communion. Services closed with a prayer of blessing.
Zach and Jenna Townsend opened Sunday school with refreshments and led the children’s worship. Flo Allen led the adult class.
• Operation Christmas Child-Fill shoeboxes with gifts and drop off at the collection site (First United Methodist, Vandalia) or bring them to the church and someone will deliver to Vandalia. Labels are available.
• Nov. 15 at 7 p.m.-United Methodist Women will meet. They will observe World Thank Offering.
• Nov. 25 at 4 p.m.-Wolf Creek Cluster Advent service at Altamont First UMC.


Joe Kelly, vice president of the Golden Years Club, and his wife, Eleanor, enjoy soup at the Golden Years dinner.

The Rev. Don Thomas serves soup to Lucille Fisher, the oldest member of the Golden Years Club and provider of countless homemade noodles to the soup dinner over the years.

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