School Menus

Monday, March 12 – Cereal, toast, juice and milk.
Tuesday, March 13 – French toast, juice and milk.
Wednesday, March 14 – Muffin, cereal, fruit and milk.
Thursday, March 15 – Sausage gravy/biscuit, juice and milk.
Friday, March 16 – Cereal, toast, fruit and milk.
Grades K-8
Monday, March 12 – Cheeseburger on bun, oven fries, sliced tomato, lettuce, dill pickles, peach half, and milk. (J.H.) wafer sliced ham.
Tuesday, March 13 – Beef and  noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit salad, hot roll and milk. (J.H.) meatloaf.
Wednesday, March 14 – Roasted pulled pork on bun, combination salad, strawberry shortcake, pretzels and milk. (J.H.) chef salad.
Thursday, March 15 – Shamrock chicken nuggets (K-4), chicken tenders (J.H.), potato rounds, vegetable relishes, rainbow sherbet and milk. (J.H.) mini-corn dogs.
Friday, March 16 – Fish sticks/bread (K-1), fish fillet on bun (2-8), mac and cheese, spinach salad, orange wedges and milk. (J.H.) chef salad
Monday, March 12 – Turkey club sandwich w/bacon, lettuce, tomato or barbecue rib on bun, curly fries, steamed broccoli, peach cup and milk. Sandwich Shoppe-chicken strips, breaded mozzarella sticks/salad bar.)
Tuesday, March 13 – Chili or cream of broccoli soup, peanut butter sandwich, applesauce, rice crispie treat and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-McDonald’s double burger, French fries/salad bar.)
Wednesday, March 14 – Hot dog or bratwurst on bun, nachos w/cheese, cole slaw, fruit cocktail and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-pizza/breadstick, salad bar/cup of soup-chicken and noodle.)
Thursday, March 15 – Chicken tenders or country-fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, Jello, bread and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Nachos supreme/salad bar.)
Friday, March 16 – Cheese pizza or burrito, tossed salad, corn, sliced pears and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-chicken slider/curly fries/salad bar.)

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