Farm Briefs

Temps up, precip down in February
Above-normal temperatures and below-normal snowfall throughout the state continued into February. Some farmers are anticipating an early planting season if current conditions continue.
Temperatures averaged 34.3 degrees, 4.6 degrees above normal. Total precipitation was 1.20 inches, .63 inches below normal.
Farmers reported good progress for winter wheat, though the continually soft ground has challenged some winter livestock work.
Topsoil moisture was rated at 16 percent very short to short, 78 percent adequate and 6 percent surplus.
Winter wheat condition improved to 2 percent poor, 17 percent fair, 68 percent good and 13 percent excellent.

Crop survey totals close to actual

The Fayette County Farm Bureau this week announced the comparison of its crop survey estimates to actual harvest numbers collected by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.
County surveyors estimated corn to be 149.69 bushels per acre, while the USDA number was 137.9 bushels.
For beans, county surveyors estimated beans would be 32.48 bushels per acre, while the USDA number was 40.5 bushels.
We were off a little this year," said Ron Marshel, Fayette County Farm Bureau manager. "But our 30-year average is very, very good."
Over those three decades, the local estimate averaged 123.06 bushels per acre for corn, while the USDA averaged 117.39 bushels. For beans, the local estimate averaged 34.76, while the USDA averaged 34.11.

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