Get rid of junk during annual cleanup week

Are you wondering what it’d be like to be able to park your car in the garage again?
Are you sick of looking at that old green refrigerator sitting in the back yard?
Are you tired of trying to make a discarded air conditioner look like modern art in your flower bed?
Well, hope is on the way.
Next week, Vandalia residents will be able to dispose of old appliances and other large items through the city’s annual Cleanup Week.
This once-a-year event allows residents to get rid of junk that normally wouldn’t be picked up by the city’s trash haulers. To participate, residents should simply place those large items at the curb, alongside their regular trash, on their normal trash pickup day.
City workers will follow Doty Sanitation crews during the week, picking up the large items after the regular garbage is collected.
Though the rules are loosened considerably from normal trash guidelines, some things still won’t be picked up. Those excluded items include: paint in a wet stage, car batteries, tires, landscape waste, construction materials and hazardous materials.
Beyond those items, consider this a unique chance to beautify your yard and, by extension, our community. Having such junk sitting around is ugly, potentially dangerous and doesn’t give visitors a very positive impression of our community.
Do your part to improve Vandalia. Drag a pile of junk to the curb.


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