Banks of the Okaw-May 5, 2011

This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: This young fisherman, pictured about 65 years ago, grew up south of Bluff City. He had a career in the Navy,  retired and moved back to the family farm.

Do you know him??If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374.
In last week’s Mystery Banks Photo was: Genevieve Revis
Identifying her were: Lucille Walker, Loretta Shade, and Allen and Vivian Schmid.
This week’s Scrambler:  tyrovep tefno spridvee a nam fo lal tirpis nad tuvrie. ti si rahd orf na tymep gab ot dants thigpur.
Can you unscramble it??If so, call The Leader-Union, 283-3374, by 5 p.m. next Monday.
Last week’s Scrambler: If you make people think they are thinking, they will love you; but if you really make them think, they will hate you.
Unscrambling it were: Jan Williams, Ricky and Judy Bolyard, LuLu's staff, Larry Cable, Cathy Haynes, Betty Schaub, Larry Henna, Jane Naab, Lois Jackson, Juanita Workman, Shirley Mattes, Don and Emma Sue Brugoto, Elizabeth and Richard Kasten, Eugene and Barbara Milhoan, Kenneth and Sherrie Younker, Cy and Lorene Locke, Diana Roe, Brittany Kelly's fifth-grade class, Don and Ellen Willms, Sydney Austin, Andrew Crosswait and Olivia Marquardt.

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