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First Of All…
…as I sit here typing early in the before-dawn morning, the patio door is open and the sounds of the birds’ songs, combined with the freshness of the rain-washed timber, foliage and earth is so refreshing and inspires humbleness and thankfulness to the Creator…and now back to work!

Hummingbird Sightings
There have been some reports of hummingbird sightings. Sharon Wilhelm reported seeing one a couple of weeks ago, and probably more have congregated there now.
Also, Esther, our bookkeeper at First National Bank in Vandalia, has reported seeing one. Our little hummingbird couple, Rufus and Alice (named for the Martins), have not shown up yet, but they are usually a little later arriving.
We think they must stop overnight along the long journey. Their feeder is filled with fresh nectar awaiting them when they do fly in.
Meanwhile, Back At The Homestead…
…Though the rains have been almost constant, the little wild birds don’t seem to mind as their songs fill the air amidst the lush, green, of the woods.
When it was raining really hard one morning, we could see two little squirrels scampering about in the treetops, seemingly undeterred by the rain and wind.
We thought we got a glimpse of Sneaky Pete, the wily wolf, loping through the woods behind the house recently, but no sighting since.
In the Homestead Deposit/Mailboxes
…A note of condolence from Rachel of Victory Lane, for the loss of  “Fuzzy,” our golden chicken that gifted us with nice, big, brown eggs and a song every day.
…A note from Betty Miller with an interesting story. Sh3 wrote as follows:
Last Wednesday evening, I was pleasantly surprised when I received a phone call from Branson, Mo. Thinking it was a sales promotion of some sort, I almost did not answer. But I did answer and, much to my surprise, it was a member of Presley’s Music Show, Jay Wichenizer. He is a collector of old tractors and also restores them. I had sent him some pictures of Jesse’s old tractors and restorations. (He said that he was pleased to get them, appreciated them, and will keep them in his dressing room at the theatre. We visited for a while and he said that even with the high gas prices, they were having great crowds. Since it was almost show time, we said, ‘So long,’ and I made a promise that I would look for old tractors in barns, fence rows or where ever else they many be.”
We appreciate the comments and all contributions to the individuals, clubs, organizations and our churches.
Please Note…
…the spring Sunday Chicken Dinner Brownstown Library fundraiser reported to take place in last week’s column had been canceled. Sorry for any inconvenience the announcement that may have been caused.
The South Side 4-H Kids…
…are having a basket/bake sale on Saturday at the Brownstown First National Bank, from 9 a.m.-noon. Make checks payable to: The South Side Kids. Contact Bobbie Wells at 267-6398 or Mike Black at 427-3847.
The Easter Egg Hunt…
…that was scheduled for last Saturday by  First Christian Church was postponed due to the weather. Weather permitting, it will be held Sunday at 3:30 p.m. at the Brownstown City Park.
National Day of Prayer Breakfast…May 5, from 7-8 a.m. at the American Legion Building in Vandalia.
Elaine Celebrates 87th Birthday
Elaine VanHorn, lifetime Brownstown resident until recent years, celebrated her 87th birthday on April 4. Elaine and her late husband, Bill, were our good neighbors for several years and she writes to us occasionally. We are always glad to hear from her.
For those who wish to send a belated card, her address is: Sarah Elaine VanHorn, Titus Manor, 513 N. Worth St., Sullivan, Ill. 61951.
Brownstown Alumni
The Brownstown Foundation recently sent out its spring mailing. In that mailing, they included an invitation to the 2011 Brownstown Alumni Reunion, to be held on Saturday, July 16, at the American Legion Home in Vandalia.
For any alumni who did not receive the information from the Brownstown or the alumni, contact alumni secretary Sandra Stin, to update your address or have your address included for future mailings. She can be reached at Brownstown High School, 427-3839.
The alumni reunion will begin with registration, and meet, greet and get reacquainted from 4-6 p.m. There is no charge for this social hour. Serving for the meal will begin at 6 p.m. and requires reservations by July 9. The cost for the meal is $12 per person.
Class photo, business items and additional visiting will take place between 7:30 and 9 p.m. The dance (which will require tickets) will begin at 9 p.m.
Anyone with additional questions about the Brownstown Alumni Reunion may contact the president, Nancy Pryor, at 427-3592 or at [email protected]
Reservations may be sent to: Brownstown Alumni Association, P.O. Box 344, Brownstown, Ill. 62418. Checks may be made payable to the Brownstown Alumni Association. (Meal reservations-$12 per person; deadline July 9. Dance tickets-$6 per person and will also be available at the door.)
Brownstown United
Methodist Women Meet
The Brownstown United Methodist Women met April 21 at 7 p.m. in the church fellowship room.
Billy Anna Forbis prepared and presented an Easter program telling how Easter became a Christian holiday.
The business meeting was conducted by Carol Severns. She gave a report on the Cunningham Children’s Home. Marilyn Yakel and Carol Severns had attended the event which was a great success with more than $34,000 in sales for the two days.
Severns also reported on the district meeting held at Neoga on April 14. The Brownstown Unit received three awards for 2010.  Marilyn Yakel received a reading award, having read a book in each of the required categories. The unit received a Spirit of Service award and received Rainbow Status for 2010.
They were reminded to remember the flood buckets and donations of hand towels, health needs, cleaning supplies and buckets. A complete list is available at the church.
Discussion was held on donating to the Brownstown post-prom celebration. A motion was made by Connie Green to donate $25, seconded by Marilyn Yakel; the motion carried unanimously.
It was decided to donate $50 to the district program to Wipe Out Malaria, an African Children’s Program. This will be from the proceeds of the rummage sale to be held in May.
The UMW will hold a rummage sale on Thursday, May 12, from 4-8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m., at U.S. Route 40 and First Street in Brownstown (The Illini Restoration Building).
Donations of good resalable items will be appreciated. All items will be priced to quick sale, with a $1 sack sale on Friday afternoon.
The next meeting of the Brownstown UMW will be held on May 19 at 9:30 a.m., with the annual breakfast and a special surprise speaker.
Betty Williams served Easter cake and coffee to all present. Present were Carol Severns, Billy Anna Forbis, Betty Williams, Flo Allen, Connie Green, Marge Weiss, Marilyn Yakel and Carol Henna.
Fayette County HCE Board Meeting
Ten members were present for the Fayette County Home and Community Education Board meeting on April 25, at the U of I Extension Office in Vandalia.
President Flo Allen called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. and led the pledge to the American flag.
Secretary Mary Smith took roll call and found present: president-Flo Allen; family issues director – Irene Reed; second vice-president and co-second vice-president-Anna Jean Rhodes and Joyce Moore; treasurer-Dorothy Harpster; international and cultural enrichment-Shirley Klitzing; first vice-president-Phyllis Pryor; public relations-Panzi Blackwell; and Karen Hyde.
As this was the first meeting that Anna Jean Rhodes had been able to attend for several months, due to a fall and complications, all were glad to see her back.
Dorothy Harpster gave the treasurer’s report, which was approved as read. Shirley Klitzing presented the costs for the Get-Acquainted Day meeting. Phyllis Pryor said that the first vice presidents are responsible for lessons and asked that they be thinking about ideas for lessons and materials.      
Rhodes displayed a certificate awarded the Fayette County HCE with the wording: “Illinois Association for Home and Community Education 2011 Membership-Congratulations for your gain in membership to Fayette County.”
CVU Hours (volunteer hours) certificates were awarded to Alvena Noffsinger, Marge Weiss, Sally Behrends, Flo Allen, Joyce Mueller, Mary Smith, Phyllis Pryor, Karen Denning, Joan Adermann and Ethilyn Williams.
A certificate was awarded to Allen for Outstanding Leadership in Fayette County.
Allen referred to the recent IAHCE letter received from District 6 Director Debbie Borries, focusing on several points mentioned in the letter.
Allen also commented on the recent tea held in Effingham for Alison Burnett, ACWW treasurer, the enjoyment of the event and the very favorable impression of Burnett.
Allen reminded the units that Rhodes needed the names and addresses of that new members and the names of deceased members.
Rhodes announced that membership started with 112, gained two new members for Vandalia and three for Vandalia Day, and the club lost two members the past year, leaving the membership count at 115.
Klitzing reported on Get-Acquainted Day, which was deemed a success in all aspects. Special mention was given on the guest speaker, Susanne Koberczky, who modeled, explained and demonstrated the clothing and accessories worn and used by the women of the Civil War era.
Irene Reed, reporting on Family Issues, said that there are more than 10,000 children a year afflicted with cancer, most of them with leukemia.
It was announced that each county is asked to participate in the collection of soda can tabs for at least two more years. They should be weighed, a photo should be taken and people are to write comments about the McDonald House. Allen said that a 1-gallon plastic bag full of the tabs weighs 2 pounds.
•Klitzing announced that Scotland will be the country honored at the International Dinner. Inquiries are to be made for a speaker.  
•Fayette County HCE Annual Meeting Scheduled.
Klitzing announced that due to a conflict with VBS scheduled at Holy Cross Lutheran Church, the date for the potluck annual meeting has been changed to June 14.
Registration time is 11 a.m. The theme is “Circus Extravaganza.”
Committees appointed are: St. Elmo-registration; Sefton-decoration; Wheatland-food placement; Vandalia Day-drinks;  and Bingham/Ramsey, Wright’s Corner, St. Peter-cleanup.
An audit committee, Allen, Klitzing and Phyllis Pryor, was appointed.  A reminder was given that dues are to be paid, preferably in May; the deadline is June. The meeting adjourned at 11:10 a.m.
Past and Present HCE Officers Luncheon
Mary Smith, Flo Allen, Phyllis Pryor, Shirley Klitzing, Irene Reed, Joyce Moore, Karen Hyde, Anna Jean Rhodes, Dorothy Harpster, Evelyn Probst and Panzi Blackwell met at the Ponderosa in Vandalia for the past and present officers lunch.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
Pianist Bette Stolte played the prelude and called to worship the congregation of the United Methodist Church as it gathered for Easter Sunday morning worship.
Jarin Evans lit the altar candles. Pastor Bigley greeted the congregation and guests, reviewed the announcements and prayer requests, and led in prayer.
Judy Watson served as liturgist. Hubert Williams and Bradley Schwarm presented the tithes and offerings. Jenna Townsend led the youth as they recited Easter messages and sang. Bigley delivered the morning message and closed with the benediction.
Jenna Townsend led the children’s Sunday school fellowship and worship held prior to their classes. The children enjoyed an Easter egg hunt and breakfast pizza during the fellowship time. Flo Allen led the adult class.
The Emmanuel Church joined the Brownstown Church for a 7 a.m. worship service and breakfast in the fellowship hall.
•Thursday at 10 a.m.-Bible study led by Jim Green at Brownstown UMC.
•Emmanuel April Soup Supper, with everyone welcome-5:30 p.m. Soup will be provided. All others may bring finger foods.
•May 7-Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers with trucks from 8-noon at the Fayette County Health Department lot to help move supplies from other locations to a new location.
•May 8-Mother’s Day breakfast at 9:30 a.m. for all ladies in the church, given by the youth.
•May 12, 4-8 p.m., and Friday, 8 a.m.-4 p.m.-the Brownstown UMW Rummage Sale at the Ilini Restoration Building. Proceeds to help with missions.
Health kits are requested by the Midwest Distribution Center at Chatham to provide emergency relief to Japan with a goal of 17,000 health kits for their first shipment.
•Monday was designated as “Imagine No Malaria Day” in the United Methodist Churches. An offering was sent by Brownstown UMC and UMW.
First Christian Church
Duane and Laura Willms greeted the congregation of First Christian Church as they gathered for an out-of-the-ordinary Easter morning service.
Replacing the preaching was a concert by “Twice Adopted,” a family singing group who perform in Branson, Mo. The singing group, who sang hymns and gospel songs, is made up of 10 children of varying ages who were adopted by a childless couple.
Most of the children were born in either Peru or Guatemala. They call their group, “Twice Adopted” because they were first adopted by their American parents and made a family, and then adopted by God into His family.
The song service was directed by Susan Smith, assisted by Judy Pilger and Matthew Smith. Accompanying were: James Schaible, Rick Cox and Chuck Enlow on guitars; Kaitlyn Enlow on the flute; Mitchell Smith on drums; and Robin Lovett on piano.
John Robinson led in prayer. Toby Tackett led the Communion meditation and prayer. Also serving: Sunday school nursery: Laura Willms; a.m. nursery: Marcia Pemberton; and Communion to shut-ins: Matthew Smith and Chuck Enlow.
•Vacation Bible School is just around the corner. If you would like to be a part of 2011’s VBS, contact Billie Enlow.
•Mother-Daughter Lunch is on Saturday, April 30. Take a salad or a light dessert to share. See Jamie Smith or Vicky Robinson for more details.
•Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. As always, church mothers will be honored in a very special way.
•Youth Sunday will be May 29. Michael and the youth will be in charge of the a.m. service, and the 5th Sunday carry-in potluck meal will be at noon.
•Bond camp needs 60 bottles of hand soap and 10 bottles of laundry soap. Leave donations at the Welcome Center.

Panzi Blackwell

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