Those who have served deserve our thanks

You can either stand on the sidelines all of your life, questioning and complaining about the decisions made by those who represent us on local governmental entities. Or, you can choose to get involved, either though an election or by appointment, by serving on one of those entities.
On Monday night, Vandalia Mayor Rick Gottman honored several individuals who fall into the second category – Lisa McNutt, Larry Bennett, Bret Brosman and Larry Cable.
Together, those four individuals have given close to 70 years in service to the city as aldermen. That total includes Cable’s 42 years of service; that’s an unbelievable amount of time to give to the city and its residents.
Cable and Brosman were unseated by challengers, a trend that was seen in communities throughout the state; it’s clear that people everywhere are wanting a change.
But as we experience that change, let’s not forget the contributions of those who have given countless hours, for little or no pay, only because they care about their hometown and want to improve it.
Serving on a city council or park board or school board or any other type of board is often a thankless job. It often entails making tough and unpopular decisions.
But regardless of whether we always agreed with their votes, we can’t forget that they have been willing to step forward when others have been willing to let someone else do the work.
We thank those four aldermen, and all others in Fayette County who are ending their terms of service, for their contributions to our communities and county.


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