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St. Peter Church
Sunday morning worship attendance was 231.

Organist was Scott Gercken.
Elders were Charles Wachholz and Curtis Jenne. Acolyte was Shelby Durbin.
Lenten Services conclude on Wednesday at 7 p.m.
Remember in Your Prayers
• Those with health concerns:
-Chris Bauer
-Cheryl Hollowell
-Erwin Hollmann
-Jeaneane Jenne
-Don Oertwig
-Ray Stark
-Lorna Stowers
-Aiden White
• Those serving our country:
-Penny Taylor Davis
-Corey Doyen
-Ryan Howell
-Kyle Rose
-Cody Smith
-J.P. Taylor
-Simon Taylor
-Steve Taylor
• Our shut-ins
• Dena Greenwood
• Jane Miller
• Donald Oertwig
• Peggy Wasmuth
• Elizabeth Chambers
• Joe Carson
• Holly Smith
• Robert King
• Jim Norman
• Tayten Walker
• Clara Emrick
• Courtney Young
• Marshall Harpster
• Jason Lotz
• Ellen Dorr
• Maxwell Magnus
• Calin Chandler
• Floyd & Glenda Bolyard
• John & Sue Roberts
• Chad & Rachel Murphy
• Bill & Helen Stine (64)

Belinda Harpster

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