Deadline for Ruemmelin requests is May 1

Charles J. Ruemmelin, a quiet man with piercing brown eyes spent many of his working hours at the Fayette County Courthouse where he researched and prepared abstracts of title.
Not active in civic organizations, Ruemmelin moved to Springfield to live near his sister after his mother’s death.
After his sister’s death, Ruemmelin chose First National Bank to serve as trustee of his estate to establish and administer the Charles J. Ruemmelin Foundation.
His will stipulates that the trustee shall appoint “no less than five citizens to serve with and under the trustee” in administering the income from the estate.
The committee  includes the principal of the Vandalia Community High School, representatives of the Chamber of Commerce, the mayor of Vandalia, and the trust officer and the assistant trust officer of the bank.
The committee meets annually to consider the requests and determine the amounts organizations will receive in following Ruemmelin’s instruction that “income…shall be used for worthy projects which will enhance the general health and welfare of the community of Vandalia.”
Approximately $1,455,217 has been distributed by the foundation since its establishment in 1978. Recipients are the following Vandalia organizations: Vandalia Park District; Evans Public Library; Friends and Families of Fayette County Hospital; Family YMCA of Fayette County; Fayette County Health Department; Fayette County Museum; Operation OUTING; and Fayette County Sheriff’s Office.
Ruemmelin died at the age of 87, and his bequest reveals his regard for Vandalia and his concern for its citizens. The old city park has been renamed in his honor, Charles J. Ruemmelin Memorial Park.
The deadlines for organizations to apply for Ruemmelin Foundation funds is May 1.

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