Be cautious on rural roadways

The signs of spring are beginning appear – the grass is growing, flowers are blooming and kids are outside playing. Add to that list the movement of farm equipment.
Generally, the arrival of spring means more traffic on our roads. Motorcyclists are out on their bikes, and people are beginning to take more weekend jaunts. Rising gas prices – with some experts predicting that a gallon of gas will increase to $5 per gallon this summer ­­– could change that somewhat.
However, farmers can’t be stopped by rising fuel prices. They must complete their work in order to continue to make a living.
As our soils warm, Fayette County’s farmers will be heading out to their fields with tractors and planting equipment, with some of them traveling on our highways, where motorists are traveling at much higher speeds.
Thus, it’s necessary that motorists be even more observant in coming weeks, staying on the lookout for the slow-moving farm equipment.
Many collisions during both planting and harvest seasons result from the differential in speed of farm equipment, vehicles and motorcycles. Thus, motorists, upon initially noticing tractors traveling either in front of them or approaching from the opposite direction, need to reduce their speed.
Planting season is a critical time for the observance of safety measures by farmers. It’s also a time when everybody else must also be cautious as they travel our roads.

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