Evergreen Outreach-March 31, 2011

By Edith Elliott
Blessed by a beautiful day, guests at evergreen outreach came into Wesley Hall hearing the music of Bette Stolte at the piano,  playing “Somebody Bigger Than I.”
This was Bette’s first time, and hopefully she will be a regular.
David and Patricia Pence, who go by the name “Softfire,” brought their many instruments, their blended voices and four of their border collies to inspire and entertain us.
While guests were coming in, “Softfire” sang and played, “I’ll Fly Away,” Blessed Be the Name of the Lord,” “New Day In Glory,” “I Saw the Light” and “When We All Get to Heaven.” Bette accompanied many of these on the piano.
Cindy hunter led in the “Welcome" and "EO” songs. She introduced first-time visitors Josie and Betty Mercer. Everyone sang “Happy Birthday” to Renee Elliott (29th), Ken Conklin (30th), Don Blair (31st), Ilene Sidwell (1st), Judy Vaughn (2nd), Karen Dezouche, Lucille Gebke, Juanita Ross and Sheryl McDowell (3rd).
The Rev. Roger Grimmett of First United Methodist Church gave the devotional, taking his text from Matthew 18:21-35.
Prefacing the serious part with a bit of humor, he told of the bridegroom who was very nervous. The minister told the bridegroom to remember three things: aisle, altar and her (I’ll alter her!).
The Bible passage speaks of forgiveness. A traveler and his guide went to Burma and were wading through shallow water. The traveler got leeches on his body, and in attempting to brush them off was told that he must soak in a balsam bath in order to get them off and avoid infection.
When we need to forgive someone, we need to soak in the forgiving love of God, and then forgive as God forgives us. The essence of Christianity is forgiveness.
Everyone joined in saying The Lord’s Prayer.
Treasured volunteer at EO and activity director of Vandalia Rehab, Eleanor McNutt,   is retiring. She was honored and given a Cardinal baseball cap by Phyllis Rames.
Guests sang “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Debbie Lovell, also from Vandalia Rehab, gave Eleanor a crown and thanked her for having been a great co-worker.
Eleanor said that her 30 grandchildren and great-grandchildren will keep her busy.
At table one in the pinochle corner, Ruth Ann Scott and Jeanne Schlicht won one game,  while Jill Zimmer and Mary Woolsey didn't win any. At table two, Richard Kruenegel and Shirley Locke won two, while Rosamund Hobler and Peggy Lippold won one.   
Be sure to join us next week, as 65 Vandalia Elementary School children will be on hand to entertain us.

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