Letter to the Editor

I am opposed to the proposed 1 percent county school facility occupation tax that will be on the April 5 ballot.
This is another level of tax revenue for the schools. This tax, if passed, would be forever. The proposal on the ballot makes one believe that the county board requested this tax increase. This proposal was brought before the county board by superintendents from various school districts to be placed on the ballot.
Where were the school board members? Shouldn’t they have been the ones to present this to the county board? These superintendents are employees of the school districts and can leave at any time, and leave us with this tax burden.
It was my belief that this proposed tax increase was to be limited by exempting certain items. I do not see this in the proposed "yes" or "no" vote. Also, when presented to the county board, it was mentioned about lowering property taxes. The superintendents present said they would sign a non-binding letter of intent to maybe lower property taxes. Heard that before.
This level of taxation puts a burden on all families, whether they use public schools or not. The families that chose to use private schools pay property taxes for public schools and also the cost of the schools they choose. Now another tax is proposed for these families, plus for families that have no children of school age, to support public schools.
I think the public schools need to restructure and get spending under control and live within their means like the rest of us. They need to get rid of this job protection called tenure and work on their merits like everyone else. We do not need any additional taxes; we are running people out of their homes because they cannot afford the tax burden that is imposed on them.
Please get out and vote no on this proposition on April 5.

Bill Friesner

EDITOR'S NOTE: The sales tax being proposed by the school districts of Fayette County does not apply to a number of items, including the following: titled or licensed property (cars, trucks, ATVs and motorcycles), unprepared food (groceries), drugs (including over-the-counter drugs and vitamins), resale items, boats and recreational vehicles, mobile  homes and specifically exempted goods (farm equipment, parts, inputs and services).

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