School Menus-Feb. 24, 2011

Monday, Feb. 28 – Choice of cereal, toast and jelly.   
Tuesday, March 1 – Breakfast bagel.
Wednesday, March 2 – Choice of cereal, blueberry muffin.   
Thursday, March 3 – Scrambled eggs, sausage links, toast and jelly.   
Friday, March 4 – Breakfast to go.
•Milk and juice or fruit offered daily.
Monday, Feb. 28 – Pork fritter on bun, hash brown pattie, fruit and milk.    
Tuesday, March 1 – Breakfast for lunch: biscuits and gravy, sausage links, juice cup and milk.
Wednesday, March 2 – Turkey roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, applesauce, hot roll and milk.    
Thursday, March 3 – Sloppy Joe on bun, California blend, pineapple chunks and milk.    
Friday, March 4 – No lunch.   

Monday, Feb. 28 – Cinnamon toast and banana.
Tuesday, March 1 – Bagel w/jelly.
Wednesday, March 2 – Bacon and toast.
Thursday, March 3 – Sausage, egg and cheese burrito.
Friday, March 4 – Biscuits and gravy.
Jr. Sr. High
Monday, Feb. 28 – Sausage patty on biscuit.
Tuesday, March 1 – Breakfast pizza.
Wednesday, March 2 – Scrambled eggs w/toast.
Thursday, March 3 – Pancake w/syrup.
Friday, March 4 – Sausage gravy on biscuit.
•Breakfasts served with cereal, orange juice and milk.
Monday, Feb. 28 – Hot dog on bun, tater tots, pears, Chex Mix and milk.
Tuesday, March 1 – Chicken fajita taco w/cheese, French fries, peaches and milk.
Wednesday, March 2 – Sliced ham, corn, pears, dinner roll and milk.
Thursday, March 3 – Goulash, side salad w/ranch dressing, breadstick, brownie and milk.
Friday, March 4 – Meatloaf, mac and cheese, fruit salad, pudding and milk.
Jr. Sr. High
Monday, Feb. 28 – Corn dog, mac and cheese, cottage cheese, peaches, Rice Krispie treat and milk.
Tuesday, March 1 – Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, brown gravy, pineapple, dinner roll w/butter and jelly or salad bar and milk.
Wednesday, March 2  – Spaghetti w/meat sauce, side salad, garlic toast, applesauce and milk.
Thursday, March 3 – Sloppy joe on bun, fries, cheese stick, mixed fruit or salad bar and milk.
Friday, March 4 – Potato soup w/crackers, ham on bun, double chocolate chip cookies, mandarin oranges and milk.

Monday, Feb. 28 – Cereal, toast, juice and milk.
Tuesday, March 1 – Belgian waffle, juice and milk.
Wednesday, March 2 – Cinnamon bun, cereal, fruit and milk.
Thursday, March 3 – Dr. Seuss’ green eggs and ham and milk.
Friday, March 4 – Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, fruit and milk.
Grades K-8
Monday, Feb. 28 – Baked mostaccioli w/beef and cheese, Caesar salad, sliced pears, garlic bread and milk. (J.H.) beef stew.
Tuesday, March 1 – Nachos supreme, corn, pineapple tidbits, funnel cake stix, bread and milk. (J.H.) chicken fajitta.
Wednesday, March 2 – Hamburger on bun, oven fries, sliced tomatoes, lettuce, dill pickle, peach half and milk. (J.H.) chef salad.
Thursday, March 3 – Chicken snack wrap, fresh vegetable medley, oranges wedges, pretzel bites, cupcake and milk. (J.H.) pizza cheese sticks.
Friday, March 4 – Alphabet soup, grilled cheese sandwich, combination salad, fruit mix and milk. (J.H.) chef salad.
Monday, Feb. 28 – Hot dog or bratwurst on bun, nachos w/cheese, baked beans, fresh grapes and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-chicken strips/breaded moss. sticks/salad bar.)
Tuesday, March 1 – Baked mostaccioli w/beef or pizza cheese stix, Caesar salad, pear half, garlic bread and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Sonic hamburger or grilled chicken/French fries/salad bar.)
Wednesday, March 2 – Oven roasted chicken or country-fried steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, fruit salad, hot rolls and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Pizza/breadstick, salad bar.)
Thursday, March 3 – Cheeseburger or barbecue pork on bun, French fries, sliced tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles, sliced peaches and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-McDonald’s double burger, French fries/salad bar.)
Friday, March 4 – Taco quesadilla or ham and cheese hot pocket, corn, orange wedges, muffin, bread and milk. (Sandwich Shoppe-Arby’s roast beef, curly fries/salad bar.)

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