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Stranger Than Fiction?
While I’ve always been amazed at the level of intelligence most of the Homestead critters have demonstrated from time to time, the claim has never been made that they could actually read.
However, after writing last week of the possibility that the “girls” (hens-Fuzzy, Blackie, and Anita) might start laying eggs this winter since they now have the late and lovely SnowWhite Goose’s nightlight for heat, we have found four nice eggs on four consecutive days in their pen.
Is it a coincidence or did they read the Brownstown news last week and were inspired? I am not a chicken expert, but I have been told that hens take a break from laying in really cold weather.
We had noticed and enjoyed their early morning singing lately, but we thought they were just happy.
The trick now is to watch closely and grab the egg almost before it hits the ground to keep it from freezing. Papa Bear Bill has declined that honor.
Sneaky Pete, the Wily Wolf, Lying Now
We have not had another “Sneaky Pete sighting” for a couple   weeks (not since that exciting and frustrating morning when I was trying to take his picture from the kitchen window and got my “fracture boot” caught in the wheelchair wheel).
We have noticed a couple of coyotes hanging around lately, which has curtailed Callie Kitty’s late night excursions outside.
As Callie Kitty had already been declawed before her appearance in the Homestead woods, her natural defenses are impaired.
Anyway, unless there is a full moon, she is quite content to lay in the comfort, warmth and safety inside the patio door and snooze.
She probably remembers it was during cold weather and deep snows just like we are experiencing now that she was left on her own to survive in the woods, hungry, afraid and in the family way.
This & That
Reacquainted With Brandi
A nice surprise meeting with someone we have often wondered about occurred recently when in Flo’s Antique & Resale Shop in St. Elmo.
When entering the shop on some business and telling the young lady my name, she told me she knew my name and that she lived in Brownstown.
When I admitted I didn’t know her name, she told me she was Brandi Hefley, whom I had last seen when she was a little girl, the daughter of Vicki Hefley. Vicki used to babysit with our little granddaughter, Cora.
Cora loved to go to Vicki’s house and especially loved to play with Brandi.
As we lost all contact with them, we have often thought of Vicki and Brandi when we passed by their former home. It’s good to know they are OK and that Brandi grew up from a cute, sweet little girl to such a pretty, and still sweet young lady.
Local Celebrations
Birthdays-Kim Miller, Argyle Orr, Marilyn Yakel, Connie Green, Margaret Durbin and Gerry Goldsboro. Anniversary-Mike and Pam Shaw, and David and Geraldine Goldsboro.
General Mills Box Tops and Used Printer Cartridges…
…are being collected by the Brownstown Elementary School again this year. The Box Tops for Education can be found on many grocery items. The BES said, “ On the last day of the month, the class that has collected the most box tops will be rewarded. These are worth 10 cents apiece, and that goes to our library to purchase books. We really appreciate your help. We are also collecting empty ink cartridges from printers.”
For Elementary School
…will be used to notify parents of school closings due to the weather. Local radio stations will also broadcast information.
Travis Redden Employed as Jr. High Scholar Bowl Coach
During the Brownstown Board of Education regular session on Jan. 19, Travis Redden was employed as the junior high scholar bowl coach for the 2010-11 school year.
Jacy Schaub was employed as the unit bookkeeper/secretary/treasurer, effective March 1, 2012.
Approval was given the following: employment of the firm of Mose, Yockey, Brown and Kull of Shelbyville to audit the district’s financial recorded for the 2010-2011 school year; Doug Stover as the Freedom of Information Act officer for the district; Joint Agreement Resolution with the Okaw Area Vocational Center for the 2010-11 school year; library club and student council field trip to the Illinois State Archives at Springfield.
The board reviewed the calendar for 2011-1012.
Brownstown First
Christian Church
The congregation of First Christian Church was greeted by the Terry Winters family, and opened the service singing songs of praise, led by Randy Watson and Cathy Smith. Accompanists were: Robin Lovett-pianist; Mitchell Smith-drums; and Chuck Enlow and James Schaible-guitarists.
Randy Watson contributed special music, followed by the message, delivered by John Robison. Mitchell Smith led the Communion meditation and prayer. Don Lovett led the gifts and offerings devotion.
Also serving: Sunday school nursery: Laura Willms; a.m. nursery: Marcia Pemberton; toddler worship: Barb Tackett and Abby Enlow; Quest-4-Christ-Michael Watson and Team; and Communion to shut-ins: Don Willms and Duane Willms.
•An eight-week study entitled, “Eradicating Biblical Illiteracy,” with videos, by Mark Moore at 6 p.m. evening worship (began Sunday).
•Xtreme Zone (K-5th grade) meets Wednesdays at 3:30 p.m. Help is needed with snacks and drinks. Donations should be left in the kitchen marked for Xtreme Zone.
•Wednesday Night Lights (grades 6-12) 6:23 p.m.
•Ladies’ “Beth Moore” Bible Study, entitled “The Life and Ministry of Paul,” is Thursday, at 7 p.m. at the church. See Tena Gould for more information.
Brownstown United
Methodist Church
As the congregation of the Brownstown United Methodist Church gathered for Sunday worship, Bette Stolte, pianist, gave the prelude as Bradley Schwarms lit the altar candles.
In Pastor Bigley’s absence, Jim Green greeted all present and reviewed the announcements, birthdays, and anniversaries. Birthday blessings were sung for Connie Green and Marilyn Yakel. Green asked for prayer concerns and led the opening prayer.
Carol Severns served as liturgist. Hubert Williams and Brdley Schwarms presented the tithes and offerings. Jim Green, lay speaker of the Emmanuel Methodist Church, delivered the sermon. And led the prayer of dismissal.
Jenna Townsend and Renna Kelly led the children’s Sunday school fellowship and worship held prior to their classes. Flo Allen led the adult class.
•Embarras River District Lay Speaking, Basic Course: Classes will be held at Effingham Cenrenary UMC on Sundays-2-5 p.m. Feb. 6, 13, 20 and 27, and March 6 and 10.
Liberty Christian Church (Jan. 16)
The congregation of Liberty Christian Church was greeted by Bill and Elvera Robison, and welcomed by Jim Dann. Stef Anderson, Buffy Chandler and Teresa Mayes led in songs of praise, accompanied by pianist-Kim Miller, keyboard-Tammy Carson, guitar-Dick Childress and drums-Eddie Carson.
Bill Robison shared the praises and prayer requests, and led in prayer. Special music was contributed by Buffy Chandler. Jim Dann delivered the message.
During the service, Zach Beshears was baptized by his dad, Tommy Beshears. Paul Parkison led the Communion meditation and prayer. Kyle Anderson led the offering prayer.
Also serving: welcome center-Tom and Teresa Mayes; serving the congregation: Brad Smith, Frank Stringfield, Kyle Anderson, Bob Buzzard; Craig Daughtery, John Grames; assistants: Jack Durbin, Tom Mayes; ushers: Gary Smith, Brian Smith; sound: Dan Largent; Power Point: Dana; nursery: Paula and Brian Brunk, Evyn Barker; junior church: Katie Carson, Diana Smith, Paitlyn Miller; Communion preparation: Kim Miller; Communion rounds: Dave Morrison, Kyle Anderson; and youth refreshments: Barb Morrison.
•Valentine banquet on Feb. 12 at 5 p.m. Sigh up on the bulletin for count for dinners. More info to come.
•The junior high will be attending “Believe” in St. Louis Feb. 25-26.

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