Think before doing any burning

Saturday was one of the best indications that spring is just around the corner – a relatively warm day with very little wind. It was the perfect day for many types of outdoor activities, but burning trash or brush was not one of them.

Saturday was a reminder that people need to take several factors into consideration when they do any type of outdoor burning, including the wind. And they need to watch over their fires at all times, a hose at the ready in case the fire starts to spread.

Area firefighters spent a considerable amount of time on the job Saturday afternoon, putting out fires that had spread to adjacent pieces of land and damaged property. And as they were out, firefighters saw smoke rising from several other areas, causing them to wonder whether they would also be called to fight those fires.

One of the Saturday fires spread to two homes. Fortunately, both structures were unoccupied.

But that’s something we need to remember as we start a fire in dry, windy conditions. Those conditions can result in the fire spreading, potentially damaging both our property and that of others.


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