St. Elmo mayor fires police chief

Two days after St. Elmo Mayor Larry Tish locked horns with Police Chief Ken Thomason at a city council meeting, Tish fired the police chief.

Tish presented Thomason with a letter on Wednesday in which he stated that Thomason’s termination was effective immediately.

As for any explanation of the termination, Tish stated in the letter only that, "It is my opinion that the interests of the municipality demand your removal as chief of police."

Tish stated in the letter that he, as required by state statues, will explain his reasons for dismissing Thomason to the city council at a special meeting at 7 p.m. next Thursday.

Thomason’s dismissal came after the police chief asked Tish at Monday’s city council meeting why he had testified against the city in Fayette County Circuit Court. Tish was a voluntary witness for the Tracey May, who had been cited by St. Elmo Police for violating a city ordinance that pertains to weeds.

According to the St. Elmo Devonian, as Thomason pushed Tish on the issue, Tish pointed his finger at Thomason and said that he would talk to him after the meeting.

Tish was not available for comment on Friday morning.

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