Frailey sings from the heart in Easter presentation

The site – the rural setting of Crown Point Church. The occasion ­– the first practice for the church family’s annual Easter presentation. The tone ­– good-natured, but committed, cooperation as the cast works together to tell the story of Jesus Christ’s last hours on earth.

The inspiration was intensely felt as the curtains closed and the heartfelt voice of Marcia Frailey softly, but clearly, filled the sanctuary as she sang the poignant words to “How Can You Refuse Him Now?”

The room was stilled as everyone listened to the words, seemingly coming straight from Marcia’s heart.

From the Heart

Marcia Frailey has never taken voice lessons, but said that she has always sung in choirs and school choruses, as a soprano. Her singing voice now has a lower, melodious and intimate quality to it that seems to convey the meaning of the words to the listener … right from her heart.

While the church has a yearly Easter presentation, it is different every year, and Marcia, the wife of Doug Frailey, always plays a part in it, as both a performer and a soloist.

In her role as Mary Magdalene in this year’s presentation, she performs very believably, as do all of the cast members.

As she sings the words to the song, she portrays a broken-hearted, grieving Mary Magdalene, honestly asking the question of the song’s title.

After a few minutes of conversation with her, you realize it really does comes from the heart. Her portrayal is realistic.

Marcia admits to being nervous in talking about herself, but she soon forgets about herself and talks enthusiastically about the presentation, her Lord and her church family, including her fellow cast members.

A member of the church for several years, she has sung in presentations before, but she focused on the works of others and referred to her voice as a “gift from God.”

“My mom (Mary Caudle) used to play the autoharp when I was real young, and I would sing along, but she didn’t know it,” she said.

About this year’s presentation of Jesus’ last hours on earth, she said, “I don’t know how to explain it, the feeling it gives me. I learn something every time.

“It’s real, that’s what gets me – it’s real, not just a story from a book, but this is something that really happened,” she said.

“I try really hard to put myself there, and it means the world to me, because I want to know. I’m hungry to now about that, the good and the bad – I guess I want to experience it,” she said.

About the other members of the cast, she said, “They are awesome – you can see God working here.

“Through the years of doing this, I have never felt any tension, rivalry, etc., among any of us. It’s just great.”

She also commented on the praiseworthy talents of the other vocalists, Pam Leduc, Jerelene Lovall and Maxine Crager.

About the church family, Marcia said, “I am truly blessed by the whole family here, not just one person, but everyone.

“There is just a spirit here. It’s a calm, loving and welcoming, a wonderful feeling when you walk through those doors,” she said.

This sincere, humble, loving and caring attitude is the quality that is felt as she dedicates her God-given talent gratefully for His glory … as do all involved in the very moving and poignant presentation.

Pete Leduc, pastor of the Crown Point and also the non-official director of the presentation, also commented on his church family, who accepted the challenge of a lot of work and preparation.

“Although it is a new script every year, there was no question about it. They said, ‘Let’s do it.’

“I thank God every day for being blessed by these people. There is so much talent here and in the other local churches,” he said.

Pastor Pete and the congregation of non-denominational Crown Point Church (located south of Vandalia, on the Carlyle Road) welcome all to the Easter presentations, on Saturday, April 4, at 7 p.m. and Palm Sunday morning, April 5, at 10 a.m.

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