Deem, McCarty good Abe Award choices

Last week, as our community prepared to celebrate Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday, the Vandalia Chamber of Commerce presented two awards named after our 16th president.

Those Abe Awards, presented annually by the chamber, honor those who have made significant contributions to our community. This marks the 35th year that the awards have been given.

The list of winners of the prestigious award includes many of the movers and shakers who have impacted Vandalia in recent decades. But it also includes some of the behind-the-scenes heroes who have quietly done what they could to make our community a better place.

This year’s recipients – longtime educator Rod Deem and businessman Tom McCarty – are deserving of the honor. They both have left a sizeable mark, Deem as a public school principal and founder of Vandalia Christian Academy, and McCarty as an insurance executive and active member of numerous civic groups.

Their untiring work for the good of the community makes them worthy recipients.


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