Election is vital

If ever there was a general election where citizens had numerous reasons for going to the polls, this is it.

From top to bottom, the Fayette County ballots feature a number of races. All county residents also will be casting ballots on the proposed call for a Constitutional Convention and a proposal for the implementation of Enhanced 911 emergency phone service in the county.

By now, we all have heard or read just about everything we need to know to vote in this year’s presidential race. Yet, there still is a need for some thought before stepping into the voting booth.

Also on the ballot are U.S. and Illinois representative and senator races. There, many of our well-known representatives are facing opposition.

The Nov. 4 election also features a number of races at the county level. Incumbent Democrat Stephen Friedel is being challenged by write-in candidate Dan Goggin as he seeks to win a third term in office. Democrat Mary Sue Ruot, who was appointed to the county’s circuit clerk post a couple of months ago, is running against Republican Nona “Nonie” Beckman. Republican Bruce Bowen is running for a third term as coroner, with Democrat John Cearlock trying to unseat him.

Of the seven seats on the Fayette County Board up for election on Nov. 4, four feature races.

As a way of helping you to be an educated voter, we’re including in the C section of today’s issue profiles on the local candidates. Take the time to learn about those candidates, their experience and their qualifications before casting your votes on Nov. 4.

There’s plenty at stake in this year’s general election, at all levels. Learn about the candidates and issues, then cast your ballot.


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