E911 public meeting is Monday

A public informational meeting on the Enhanced 911 referendum that will be on the November general election ballot is Monday night.

The meeting at 6 p.m. in the large courtroom at the Fayette County Courthouse is being held by the Fayette County Board committee formed by Chairman Steve Knebel to look into an E911 referendum.

Fayette County residents will be asked on Nov. 4 to approve a monthly landline phone surcharge of $2.75 to fund the implementation of E911 emergency phone service in the county. An E911 surcharge is already on bills for cellular phones, even though that service is not yet available in this county.

County residents currently have only basic 911 service. Through that service, callers must provide police/fire dispatchers with information about the emergency and directions to the site of the emergency.

With Enhanced 911 service, the caller’s address and pertinent information about the residents of the home and the property is displayed on the dispatcher’s computer screen as soon as the call is received. That information remains on the screen, even if the caller hangs up.

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