Goggin’s back in the race

Dan Goggin is back in the race.

Goggin, who was unsuccessful in two attempts to get on the November ballot as the Republican candidate for state’s attorney, is once again a challenger to incumbent Democrat Stephen Friedel.

Goggin, a Greenville attorney, filed with Fayette County Clerk and Recorder Terri D. Braun on Friday the paperwork necessary to become a write-in candidate for state’s attorney at the general election on Nov. 4.

His filing as a write-in candidate came about a week and a half after a Fayette County Electoral Board rejected his second attempt to run as a Republican.

Goggin initially attempted to enter the state’s attorney race as the GOP candidate in the spring, but a county electoral board ruled that the Fayette County Central Committee had put down an incorrect date for Goggin’s selection as a candidate on his nominating petition.

Goggin then planned in June to run as an independent candidate, and Friedel also filed an objection to those filing documents. Friedel, who is completing his second term as state’s attorney, alleged that Goggin’s paperwork was invalid because of problems with 192 of the 511 signatures included in his nominating petition.

Just a few hours before an electoral board was to rule on Friedel’s objection, Goggin withdrew as an independent candidate.

On Aug. 1, the Republican Central Committee again filed paperwork to have Goggin run as a Republican. And, again, Friedel objected to his nominating petition.

Goggin and the central committee argued at an electoral board hearing that the electoral board convening in April improperly met in closed session to deliberate on Friedel’s objection and failed to take a legal vote on the objection in open session.

Because of what he viewed as the board’s failure to legally act, Goggin claimed that there was a vacancy on the November ballot because he had declined the party’s nomination after the electoral board hearing.

But, Friedel maintained that Goggin had 10 days to challenge the electoral board ruling in April and that he failed to do so. Also, Friedel argued, Goggin should have to do more to decline the party’s nomination than “just tell someone.”

The electoral board again sided with Friedel at its Aug. 18 hearing, saying that Goggin had failed to file a timely objection to the April 15 ruling and that his Aug. 1 nomination papers were not filed within the required 60 days of the election.

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