Party-lines votes not always the best

It’s not been unusual for the Fayette County Board to have tie votes on various matters, such as appointments, with board members voting along party lines. The current board chairman, Steve Knebel, said he would like to see that pattern change.

Prior to the boards appointment of Mary Sue Ruot as the circuit clerk through the end of November, Knebel noted that he was going against the recommendation of numerous fellow Republicans in recommending Ruot.

I know how its been done in the past. I know a lot of things have gone politically. I dont agree with that, Knebel said.

While Knebel admitted that he ran as a Republican and that he remains a Republican, he doesnt feel that the individual members, or the board as a whole, should always go along with party recommendations.

We need to base our decisions on whats best for the county and the taxpayers of the county, Knebel said.

We agree with that thinking.

While we like Knebel are aware of how politics play a role in the operation of government and the votes of elected officials, we like Knebel believe that what should be the foremost interest of individuals and elected bodies is what’s good for the general public.

To see how politics can bog down government, just look at whats going on in our state capitol. Party clashes, and even clashes within one party, are making it impossible for state government to accomplish much of anything.

The comment here is not on the decision made by the county board last Tuesday, but on how that decision was reached.

Will partisan politics always have a place in government? Of course they will.

But, on occasion, our elected officials must be willing to go against their partys wishes to do what their constituents want or what they believe is best for the public.


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