Goggin again files as Republican state’s attorney candidate

Nearly three months after he was declared ineligible to run as the Republican candidate for Fayette County States Attorney because of an alleged filing error, Daniel Goggin of Greenville has once again filed as the partys candidate.

Nomination papers were filed Friday at 9:30 a.m. in the office of Fayette County Clerk & Recorder Terri Braun.

Were going to try it again, Randy Pollard, Fayette County Republican Central Committee chairman, told The Leader-Union on Friday afternoon. I checked with the Illinois Board of Elections, and they said that I had the right to nominate someone. So, we had a meeting today (of the Republican Central Committee), and we refiled today.

Pollard said that one of the motivations behind re-nominating Goggin was the desire to give voters a choice in the Nov. 4 general election. Before Friday, the only candidate for the office was incumbent Democrat Stephen Friedel.

Friedel, in late June, filed an objection to Goggins candidacy as an Independent candidate, citing alleged problems with 192 of the 511 signatures on Goggins nominating petitions. Goggin had filed as an Independent as a result of the earlier problems alleged by Friedel with Goggins initial filing as a Republican.

The overwhelming majority of people that contacted me said that (not having a candidate) isnt right, Pollard said. They told me that We want to have a choice.

The refiling action by the same candidate isnt something weve ever encountered in Fayette County, Pollard said. There is no case law that says what I just did today (re-filing) was wrong, according to the lawyers with the Illinois Board of Elections.

Its time to get out there and start the campaign, Pollard said. Let the people decide.

Braun said the Resolution to Fill a Vacancy in Nomination form filed Friday by Pollard and Merrill Thull (another member of the Republican Central Committee) doesnt require any (petition) signatures, other than the party officials.

She said she has talked with the State Board of Elections and will be seeking a legal opinion to confirm the legality of filling the vacancy with a previous candidate.

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