School options require study, input by voters

With several months of study already under its belt, the committee of 10 representatives studying the potential reorganization of the St. Elmo and Brownstown school districts is continuing on a path toward presenting the issue to voters in those communities.

So far, the committee has progressed at a reasoned pace, and with a consistent goal of determining what the reorganization could do to enhance the quality of education available to the students of those districts.

Their work is admirable, particularly given the emotionally charged nature of the issue. Schools are incredibly important to communities and thats especially true for small towns, where the impact is heightened. The schools serve as important focal points and are sources of pride to citizens.

At the committees meeting Tuesday night, members reviewed the first of several brochures it will distribute to residents of the two school districts. Education and the free flow of information will continue to be key to the process. To that end, the committee also is planning public hearings, which will allow citizens to share their thoughts directly with the committee and school officials. It also will involve legal counsel to ensure that the process is following all the required legal steps.

Ultimately, the decision on whether to reorganize or not will be made by voters possibly as early as next April. In the meantime, there is much to be done.

Its inevitable that emotions will run high at times, but we encourage the committee and school officials to press on. The best interests of students in both districts will be served only when everyone knows the facts and everyone has an opportunity to voice their opinion. Then, they can make their choice in the voting booth.

Its too important of a decision to be made solely on emotion.


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