Railroad must fix unsafe crossings

Were told time and time again that railroad crossings can be hazardous. Thats particularly true in Vandalia.

However, while oncoming trains certainly pose dangers at the local crossings, they are not the only hazard.

As signs posted by residents of that area point out, the crossing at Remann Street near Main Street is in itself a hazard.

Mayor Rick Gottman reported at Mondays meeting of the Vandalia City Council and at meetings in previous months that city officials have contacted CSX Railroad to complain about the condition of that crossing, as well as the ones at Fifth, Sixth and Eighth streets.

A number of local residents have also called CSX, and they join Gottman in asking all residents to air their complaints.

After hearing a few of those complaints, CSX threw some asphalt into the gaping holes at the Remann crossings, but that was only a short-term fix. Within a few weeks, the holes are back.

The condition of the crossings, at the very least, can cause significant damage to vehicles, especially when motorists cross the rails without knowing of the holes that are there. At most, the crossings create the possibility of an accident caused by a motorist losing control of his or her vehicle.

If you havent called (CSX), dont complain, states one of the signs at the Remann crossing. We agree it obviously will take a community-wide effort to get action. Give CSX a call: 1-800-232-0144.


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