Wodtka to retire from circuit clerk’s post

The Fayette County Board is scheduled to receive the resignation of the county’s longtime circuit clerk at its regular meeting this Tuesday.

According to the agenda prepared by County Clerk and Recorder Terri D. Braun, the board will be asked to approve the resignation of Marsha Wodtka.

In her letter to Fayette County Board Chairman Steve Knebel, Wodtka said, ‘I feel this is a good time to retire, so I can devote more time and energy to my family.’

Wodtka, who is completing her seventh term as circuit clerk, announced in July of last year that she would not seek re-election.

At the same time, Mary Sue Ruot, a longtime employee of the circuit clerk’s office, announced that she would run for the position. Ruot is a Democrat.

Nona Beckman, a Republican, later announced that she would also seek the position of circuit clerk.

The county board will appoint an individual to serve as the circuit clerk until the person elected at the general election takes over at the beginning of December.

In her resignation letter, Wodtka recommended that the board appoint Ruot, a deputy clerk for 28 years, to serve as the circuit clerk for those four months. She said that Ruot is trained on the circuit clerk’s duties and responsibilities, and that Ruot has served as the clerk in charge in her absence.

She also said that Ruot’s appointment to the post would save the county money, based on Ruot’s salary and benefits for the four-month period.

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