Second Chance possible by the work of many

Some individuals or groups wait for a government handout for their particular cause; others just go out and put in hours of hard work to get the job done. The volunteers of Second Chance Animal Rescue definitely fit into the latter category.

About four years ago, Lynn Brown saw the need for an animal rescue shelter. She quickly got others to join in on the cause.

On Saturday, Second Chance saw its goal realized, as the members of that group welcomed the public to its new rescue shelter and boarding house.

Since 2004, the Second Chance volunteers have made possible the adoption of more than 500 dogs and cats that otherwise likely would have been euthanized. It has also been responsible for turning over about 600 more animals to no-kill shelters.

At the same time, the group has tried to spread the word that by having their pets spayed or neutered, Fayette County residents can help to lighten the load on the animal rescue and the number of dogs and cats that have to be euthanized.

Of course, the efforts of Second Chance would not have been successful without the participation of countless residents, those individuals and organizations that have either made financial contributions or supported the groups fundraisers.

Particularly noteworthy is the gift of the land on which the shelter sits. That property was donated by the family of Katie and the late Orville Schukar. Years before Second Chance came into existence, it was Orville Schukar who worked tirelessly to do the same kind of work that the volunteer group does today.

But while the opening of the new rescue shelter and boarding kennel represents a significant accomplishment, it does not mean that the work of Second Chance is over. It will still take countless volunteer hours and the involvement by the general public to continue the efforts to rescue unwanted animals from euthanization.

We applaud the efforts of those who have made Second Chance a success to this point, and we encourage all Fayette County residents to do what they can to ensure the ongoing success of the organization.


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