It’s time to find solution for intake

If its not one thing, its another or another or another.

There have been several reasons why Vandalias new raw water intake hasnt worked properly since the project was started more than four years ago. But, as Alderman Chad Feldpouch pointed out Monday night, the city has gotten very little use out of the intake.

The citys consulting engineers, HMG Engineers, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have tried a couple of different ways to get the intake working properly, but nothing has worked.

The city has regularly had to rely on Vandalia Lake to serve local households, businesses and industries. As weve been told more than once by city officials, the quality of water coming from the lake is not as good as water thats pulled from the river.

Its a case of deja v, as Mayor Rick Gottman pointed out. Its like when the city had to bring in another party about a decade ago to find a solution when odor was spreading from the citys sewage treatment plant.

As Feldpouch said Monday night, it appears to be time to ask for advice from another party in resolving the river intake problem. Unfortunately, Feldpouchs motion to do just that failed to gain any support, even though several other aldermen agreed that its time to do something.

This shouldnt be a time to point fingers; instead, its time to simply find a solution.


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