Obama holds slight edge over Clinton here

Barack Obama posted an overwhelming victory in Illinois on Super Tuesday, but he edged Hillary Clinton by only a slight margin in Fayette County.

In this county, Obama defeated Clinton by only 34 votes, 1,093-1,059. Clinton, however, did win the majority of 24 states in the contest for the Democratic nomination in the presidential election.

On the Republican ballot, John McCain posted a comfortable victory both statewide and in Fayette County. Here, McCain garnered 1,119 votes, while Mike Huckabee had 648 votes and Mitt Romney received 436 votes.

At the local level, Tuesdays ballot featured only three contests, all for nominations for the November Fayette County Board election.

In District 2, incumbent Democrat John Daniels Jr. defeated Jon Phillips, 197-124, to win the right to run for re-election in November. At this time, there is no Republican candidate in that district.

In District 4, Brian Kinney defeated Theodore Ted Miller, 168-122, to earn the GOP spot on the general election ballot. There is no Democratic candidate in District 4 at this time. The current holder of that seat, Republican Dan Barenfanger is not running for re-election.

In District 5, Keith Cole defeated Pete Taylor, 185-149, to win the Republican contest. Cole will face Democrat Robert E. Williams in the primary. Incumbent Lee Schaal, the current vice chairman of the county board, chose not to seek another term.

Tuesdays election did not feature any contests at the county officer level. But, two of the three offices up for election in November do feature contests as a result of the primary.

Incumbent States Attorney Stephen G. Friedel, a Democrat, is the only one of the county officer candidates currently running unopposed in November. Friedel garnered 1,793 votes on Tuesday. While there is no Republican candidate for that office at this time, the party has the option of filling that vacant ballot spot at its upcoming party caucus.

Incumbent Coroner Bruce Bowen, a Republican, will be challenged by Democrat John W. Cearlock in the general election. Bowen received 2,089 votes, and Cearlock garnered 1,849 votes.

Democrat Mary Sue Ruot and Republican Nona Beckman will vie for the circuit clerk position in November. Ruot was the top vote-getter among Democratic county officer candidates with 1,930 votes; Beckman received 1,903 votes. Marsha Wodtka, a Democrat who is completing her seventh term as circuit clerk, is not running for re-election.

Precinct Committeemen


Avena 1-Arthur Stephens, 76.

Avena 2-Bruce H. Albright, 79.

Bear Grove 1-Mark Pyle, 54.

Bowling Green 1-Carroll W. Beck, 34.

Carson 1-James L. Thomas, 4.

Kaskaskia 1-Mike Daniels, 50.

Otego 2-Michael Black, 72.

Ramsey 2-Robert J. Thull, 62.

Sefton 1-Mark E. Schaub, 93.

Shafter 1-Matthew Hall, 59.

Sharon 1-Tim Worker, 17.

Vandalia 1-Dan Palecek, 47.

Vandalia 2-Chris N. Mason, 56.

Vandalia 3-Shane Depew, 38.

Vandalia 4-Michael J. Hall, 64.

Vandalia 6-R. Chad Feldpouch, 114.

Vandalia 7-Harold G. Baumann, 135.

Vandalia 8-Randy Pollard, 128.

Wheatland 1-Bradley K. Stein, 39.


Bowling Green 1-Nelson L. Sarver, 57.

Carson 1-Henry Portz, 17.

Hurricane 1-Ben O. Davidson, 34.

Kaskaskia 1-Estelle Davis, 65.

Loudon1-Gene R. Lilly, 7.

Otego 2-Bruce W. Hall, 72.

Ramsey 2-James S. Bolyard, 108.

Sefton 1-Ronald Howard, 68.

Seminary 1-Jon A. Phillips, 57.

Shafter 1-Jason Trexler, 71.

Sharon 1-Herbert J. Thoman, 96.

Vandalia 1-K. Randal Braun, 33.

Vandalia 2-Bode Courtney Scott, 52.

Vandalia 3-Charles E. Ruot, 49.

Vandalia 6-Kenneth Kessler, 118.

Vandalia 7-Brian C. Donnals, 81.

Vandalia 8-Maurice Trexler, 95.

Vandalia 9-Dean Lewis, 64.

Wheatland 1-Gordon Stine, 50.

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