Public participation key to school issue

While the Brownstown and St. Elmo school boards voted recently to take another step toward the possible reorganization of the two districts into one, there is much to be done before that possibility comes to a final vote.

The action by the school boards means that officials in the two districts will only continue to study reorganization. We encourage residents of the two districts to do the same.

Reorganization obviously has both advantages and disadvantages, and its the job of everyone in the two districts to weigh both sides.

A key part of the reorganization is public participation. Along the way, the Illinois State Board of Education will hold the required public hearings on the issue.

Similar hearings were held last year, but they drew only moderate attendance. We hope the same is not true for future hearings.

Residents of the two districts need to look at and consider what is best for the districts, their taxpayers and, most importantly, their students.

Any reorganization vote among residents of the two districts is a ways down the road. But now is the time to begin studying the issue.


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