Thanks for serving

Its often a thankless job, attending numerous meetings, doing research, getting feedback from constituents and making decisions that affect the populace. But fortunately, we have people who are willing to represent us in local government and on the various bodies overseeing our taxing entities.

One such individual is Dean Black, who has stepped down after serving on the Fayette County Board as a representative of the St. Elmo area for nine years and as chairman of the board for half a decade.

It goes without saying that all of us havent always agreed with Black, but we should be appreciative of the time and work that he has put into serving the people of Fayette County.

That included being a part of the team effort to save Vandalia Correctional Center. When invited by Vandalia Mayor Rick Gottman to represent the countys interest in the effort, Black jumped in with both feet and stayed in the fight to the end.

Were thankful for Black and others who are willing to give of themselves to help improve the lives of everyone around them.


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