Happy Thanksgiving!

As we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving, what are you thankful for?

Most of us could tick off a substantial list of things that are near and dear to us. And when we consider the plight of others around the world, we undoubtedly have ample reason to be grateful. Here are a few:

Our family (which is a source of support and love through the good times and the bad).

Our community (which, thanks to the commitment of many of our leaders and business owners, is growing and moving forward).

Our farmers (who toil season after season to fuel the engine that runs much of our local economy).

Our freedom (which isn’t free, but is ours because of the sacrifices of our military personnel both now and in the past).

Our religious heritage (which gives us a sense of gratitude and fills our lives with meaning beyond the here and now).

Our founding fathers (who had the courage and foresight to establish and secure the freedoms we enjoy more than 23 decades hence).

Our neighbors and friends (who give our lives a richness and depth that enhance our lives).

This Thanksgiving, make sure that you share your gratitude with those who make these things possible.


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