Local Racing

  • Slideways RC (Aug. 29)

    Zach Leigh continued his dominance in the Kidz Modz on Saturday night, winning for the third straight week at Slideways RC.

    Leigh took the victory by two laps and leads the points standings by 17 points.

    Other winners on Saturday night were Jerod Ramsey in the adult stock, and Stacy Stewart in the outlaw modifieds.

    Racing in the points series will resume at the track on Sept. 7.

  • Fayette County Speedway Results (Aug. 16)

    HEAT 1
    1.         128 ZACH SCHANTZ
    2.            25C    CRAIG KERN
    3.            66    MICHAEL FOX
    4.            7   MARK LAMONT
    HEAT 2
    1.            N59   CHAD EVANS

  • Two repeat as Slideways winners

    Two racers repeated as feature winners in the second week of the Slideways RC points series.

    Zach Leigh was victorious in the Kidz Modz, and Josh Lofland again took first in the outlaw modifieds on Saturday, giving him a 20-point cushion in the standings.

    Dru Bennett was the winner in the adult modifieds in his first points race, giving him three wins in three overall appearances at Slideways.

    The winners of the two-point hard charger bonus were Blane Pruett, Kidz Modz; John Brackenbush, adult modifieds; and B.J. Deal, outlaw modifieds.

  • Highside RC in Brownstown has improved over past year

    BROWNSTOWN – Highside RC has improved in many ways since the doors to the indoor remote-controlled racing dirt track opened about a year ago.

    Most notably, the track has become nationally sanctioned, allowing it to host national points events such as the “last-minute” race Highside will be running on Oct. 26.

    That day, Highside will be hosting one of the final races that can be counted toward the national DODC standings.

  • Leigh, Short and Lofland win in 1st week of Slideways series

    Slideways RC began racing in its inaugural eight-week points series on Saturday, drawing 46 cars to the event.

    In the Kidz Modz, Zach Leigh took the win, lapping the entire field in the A-main race, but just .132 seconds separated the second-, third- and fourth-place finishers.

    Jarrett Pasley earned two bonus points in the standings with the Hard Charger bonus by passing the most cars.

    In the adult modifieds, Justin Short drove the Bud1 car to victory by just .06 seconds over Jerod Ramsey, who was the Hard Charger winner for the class.

  • Slideways RC (Aug. 3)

    Saturday, Aug. 3
    Kidz Modz
    1. Blane Pruett (33P)
    2. Jarrett Pasley (8P)
    3. Matt Nash (27N)
    4. Dalton Davison (56)
    5. Cody Stewart 14S)
    6. Lucas McElroy 22)
    7. Zach MacCaslin (13)
    8. Zach Leigh
    9. Christopher Wells (01)
    10. Dalton Whitten 67 (DNS)

  • Fayette County Speedway Results (July 26)

    HEAT 1
    2.            3E        ROBBIE EILERS
    3.            5          ROB TIMMONS
    4.            1A     STEVE MEYER JR
    HEAT 2
    1.         35  CLARK ROBERTSON

  • Slideways RC (July 27)

    Saturday, July 27
    Kidz Modz
    1. Blane Pruett (33P)
    2. Eric Holaday (2)
    3. Dalton Whitten (67)
    4. Gaige Beall (1B)
    5. Matt Nash (27N)
    6. Dawson Barker (99B)
    7. Lucas McElroy (22)
    8. Cody Stewart (14)

    1. Josh Lofland (2)
    2. Jared Ramsey (14R)
    3. Stacy Stewart (14S)
    4. Rob Gwinn (77)
    5. Jon Schmidt (1)
    6. Bill Prehn (24)
    7. Mike Pasley (35)
    8. Cody Clark (20)

  • Slideways RC (July 13 and 20)

    Saturday, July 20
    Kidz Modz
    1. 33P Blane Pruett (won by .56 seconds)
    2. 2 Eric Holaday
    3. 14 Cody Stewart
    4. 23 Jarrett Pasley
    5. 22 Lucas McElory
    6. Zach Leigh
    Adult Stock Mods
    1.14S Jeb Smail
    2. 1Bud Justin Short
    3. 8P Mike Pasley
    4. 14R Brian Holaday
    Outlaw Modified 2wd
    1. 14S Stacy Stewart (third straight win)
    2. 2 Josh Lofland
    3. 7R Cole Rhodes
    4. 45 Kirk Forbis
    5. 21JR D.J. Holladay
    6. 1 Justin Short
    7. Roy Conard

  • Fayette County Speedway Results (July 19)

    HEAT 1
    1.            20        CODY CLARK
    2.            25C      CRAIG KERN
    3.            3E     ROBBIE EILERS
    4.       41M   BRENT MULLINS
    HEAT 2