• Calvin Boggs is a senior at Brownstown High School who will graduate this Sunday.

  • A sign in the window of  OUR PLACE Youth Center on West Gallatin Street proclaims a new service available in downtown Vandalia – Veterans Outreach Center, Ministry of the Veterans Administration.

  • Notable Facts About Ramsey
    The village of Ramsey is a pioneer in history. It is documented in a proclamation by the state senate and representatives that Ramsey was the first town in Illinois to see women vote.

  • Walter Philbrick was born in New Hampshire, moved to Minnesota with the company for which he was employed, and more recently, retired and moved to Vandalia, where his son, Matt Philbrick, is youth minister at First Baptist Church and Matt’s wife, Jenn, is employed at The Leader-Union.


    The First Baptist Church of Vandalia was host church for the fourth Lenten Luncheon last Wednesday.



    “The shock of arriving in a foreign land must have been overwhelming for our forefathers because what they perceived in their minds looked different after that arrived. While they would never forget the land from whence they came, once they set foot on American soil, their lives were haunted by dislocation.” 


  • Chaplain Dock Hinman of the Association of Christian Truckers was the speaker at last week’s Lenten Luncheon, also providing inspirational music, accompanying himself on his guitar.

  • The community and members of the congregation of St. Paul Lutheran Church are celebrating the church’s 150th anniversary with three special Sunday afternoon services, which will include a meal at noon and a program before the 2 p.m. church service.

  • “The shock of arriving in a foreign land must have been overwhelming for our forefathers, because what they perceived in their minds looked different after they arrived.

  • A welcome sign of spring is the advent of the Lenten Luncheons, a blessing bestowed by the Vandalia Ministerial Alliance.

  • Tamela S. Polanin is well-qualified for the position of director of the Lighthouse Pregnancy Center, a position into which she has recently stepped.

  • Walter and Mary Philbrick were born and lived in New Hampshire until circumstances in the company Walter worked for changed and he was asked by a company to move to Minneapolis.

  • What began as a dream for Connie Bolyard when she was young girl, materialized four years ago when she took the steps and – with the support and encouragement of others – she realized her dream as beautifully gowned local ladies in period dress and their dapper escorts attended the Lincoln Victory Ball.

  • Lois Jackson is comfortable and contented in her pleasant apartment at Brookstone Estates, where she enjoys visiting with her family and friends, reading books, going to church on Sunday and Wednesday evenings, playing games … and reflecting back on busier ­­– but also enjoyable – times with her husband of almost 34 years, the late Ronnie “Hoss” Jackson.

  • The Backpack Food Program discreetly provides nutritious, child-friendly and easy-to-prepare food for Brownstown children in everyday backpacks to take home for over weekends and other out-of-school times.

  • A look back at the 1947 Vandalia High School yearbook will give an accurate picture of Dr. Laurene Mabry as you review her credits, accomplishments and awards, and the assessment of the staff and fellow students of her character, integrity and abilities.

  • Brad Elmore was born in Kentucky on Sept. 9, 1922, but at the age of 4, he lost his mother and younger brother in a fire. He was brought by his father to Patoka be reared by his grandparents.

  • Irene Reed was born to Henry and Hanna Lange in March 88 years ago between Vandalia and Shobonier. A very pleasant lady, she smiles easily and contributes alertly and knowledgeably to conversation, both of times past and today.

  • 25 Years Ago

    1988 – Caring and Sharing volunteers distributed 419 baskets to needy residents.
    The Vandalia City Council rejected a three percent tourism tax.
    Brownstown won the St. Elmo Holiday Tournament.
    Vandalia resident Cheryl Matzker got a telephone call from singer Donny Osmond, who just called to wish her a Merry Christmas. Matzker was a member of his fan club.
    Tasha Ragel and Rod Denton were crowned homecoming queen and kind at St. Elmo High School.

    35 Years Ago

  • This week’s Mystery Banks Photo: This mother and daughter, pictured nearly 20 years ago,  both still live in Vandalia.