Today's Opinions

  • Resident speaks out against incumbents

    Once again, we voters approach an election. In my book, I’m not voting for any incumbent … period.
    Consider, our politicians are supposed to represent us, not necessarily just themselves. Which brings up another subject – term limits. We suffer because of no term limits in my opinion.

  • Resident wants new representative in D.C.

    Twenty years ago, John Shimkus indicated he would run for no more than six two-year terms. According to math, not Common Core Math, John should not have been a candidate after 2008, according to his words.
    John indicated he was against Planned Parenthood; however, he voted yes on the Omnibus Budget Bill, which provided federal monies to Planned Parenthood. The bill provided money for Syrian refugees to come into the U.S. without being properly vetted.

  • Ambulance coverage needs to be looked at

    As a resident of Fayette County, I would like to address the current ambulance coverage in our county.
    The current coverage appears inadequate and needs evaluated to determine what changes should be made to restore adequate coverage.
    The county boards and city councils within our county (if they are not aware) should take a thorough look at how the current coverage is being provided.

  • Banks of the Okaw

    This week's photo: This young man, in a photo taken on his wedding day in the late 1970s, is involved in farming and commercial agriculture.

  • Vandalia Memories
  • Lincoln's friendship with a woman

    Abraham Lincoln formed many lasting friendships during his five years in Vandalia. One of these was with Orville Hickman Browning and his wife, Eliza, from Quincy.

  • Take a few minutes to vote

    If there were ever a time where we realized the significance of voting, this is it.
    The state of Illinois has been running without a budget for nine months – who’s fault is it, our new governor or our state legislators? Truth is, there is plenty of blame to spread around.
    Regardless of who’s to blame, it’s important to remember that they are our elected officials. It is us who elected them.
    If we want change, it is up to us to cause it by getting out to vote.

  • Vandalia Memories